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Wednesday, 08 November 2017


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David, the head may be empty but it is very "Priti" perched on her shoulders!

Just what we need- a turf war!
Clearly Mrs. May is incapable of squishing it, so she needs to be replaced by someone with authority. The worry of course is that she'll actually be replaced by another ideas free careerist.

I don't pretend to be an expert, Pat, but I can't think of anyone in the current cabinet on whom I would place much reliance. I think the Tories should look further afield and take their chances on an outsider. The 'Mogg-man' would be my choice.

For the benefit of my foreign readers:

Have you read Stephen Pollard's piece in the Jewish Chronicle, David, (there's a link to it on Guido's site)? There seems a lot of fabricated outrage about this incident.

What is needed is a Francis Urquhart to put some order in this shambles of a Conservative party.

I've just been rewatching the first part of House oh Cards, UK style.

"Ms. Priti Patel now stands - just! - as a typical example of brainless stupidity"

That's too harsh, in my opinion. She is an example of Asian, female brainless stupidity, which shows that progress has been made.

David, in the US Jacob Rees-Mogg would be called a culture warrior. Be careful what you wish for.

In the words of the immortal Sid Vicious "Priti Vacant", well not so immortal, he's dead, but you know what I mean.

The tories now have the same problem as labour in that a vast gulf has opened up between the london/parliamentary/lobbyist/activist wing and the majority of it natural voters outside the bubble, in the case of the tories, what SoD of this parish would describe as Cuntbumps.

The party in the country would love Really Smug, but he horrifies the blu labour bubble dwellers.

Therefore they will almost certainly fix it to muddle through with another blairite.

Labour only have a sniff of success because of the vast numbers of students too young to know any better think leftism is cool. As any ful kno' students especially nowadays are thick as pigshit. That's why they voted against brexit and having been brought up in safe spaces, are now throwing their toys out of the pram as a consequence.

Meanwhile May's team are making heavy weather of the so-called negotiations (actually ransom negotiations) partly because May's fatal weakness means she is in no position to prepare the ground for what is almost certainly the most favourable outcome which would be a Norway type option.

And partly because the people they are "negotiating" with aren't interested in negotiating. Only grandstanding and planning to hang the British pour encourager les autres.

Not for nothing are Norway and Switzerland the two most prosperous nations in Europe. And we should be aiming to join them.

For the first time in a generation Britain's political class actually had a real job to do, and my god look at them. What a shambles.

In the words of the immortal Sid Vicious...

Those immortal words were written by Johnny Rotten who is very much still alive.

I actually have no idea what you guys are referring to, citing fairly mental and likely in truth plank thick punk, most definitely mortal, rockers as exemplars of whatever. What I do vividly remember is a tragic (won’t be to the twelve insensitive readers of this, but as they say, whatever…) related tale.

I somehow got lumbered with two little goldfish, of whom I became inordinately fond. Built them an excellent pond in a lovely garden. As they grew over the years, called one ‘Fat Bloke’ and the other ‘Sid Fishes’ – hence the punky link. They were kind of endearing, would eat out of your hand, surface to your shadow. Horror of horrors, one day a heron carted Fat Bloke off. Neighbours wept. I sort of respect herons, but these are my boys you are eating!

The thrust of the story is that Sid also disappeared, presumed MIA. For six months at least. Until he, or more likely she, shyly reappeared, with a load of babies.

What I took from all this sorrow is that the popular (most of all convenient and expedient) mantras and the received, or accepted or unquestioned wisdom is not necessarily true. Even Goldfish do have memories. They remember stuff. Inconvenient for us, the current screw you generation of creature-munching brutes perching precariously at the top of the food chain. Dilemma, or what?

Don’t get me started on Derick, Eric and Andrew, the beguiling frogs…I just loved those crazy guys!

Well, I suppose it's a start... Let's hope that the spectacularly useless Theresa (dis)May can now be persuaded to go!!!


Goldfish you realize ...

The Mogg wouldn't last five minutes. Everyone will hate him - Tories included - before he even finishes his acceptance speech.

What happens next is a very simple to predict two step process.

1. Corbyn.
2. Oblivion.




A bit off topic, butt apropos "stoopid", we have [h/t Malcolm Pollack] this:

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — A workshop at Harvard University on Tuesday night delved into the ins and outs of anal sex, with a presenter denouncing the “stupidity of abstinence” and the joys of “putting things in your butt,” according to a College Fix reporter who attended the event.

The workshop was held as part of the Ivy League university’s Sex Week, which launched Monday and runs through Nov. 12. Titled “What What in the Butt: Anal 101,” the event drew nearly 50 students."

As the old saying goes, "Put that in your pipe and smoke it."

Progressives at work. Sick. Is there a country somewhere in the world that could just take all those people? I really wood like rid of them.

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