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Thursday, 23 November 2017


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I met him once, and, despite my over-excitement due to being somewhat star-struck, he behaved with perfect aplomb.

I was about 10 or 11, in a big noisy rampaging group of kids crossing a busy road in Luton, when we noticed someone famous in a stationary car.

"Look! It's that bloke off the Likely Lads!! Oi Mate! Are you that one off the telly? Oi mate!!"

He had the grace to wind down the window to address his youg fans.

"Fuck off!" he said.

Some of the writing on the Likely Lads was sublime. Rodney & James were in a caravan playing cards with their respective girl friends. James stepped outside for a call of nature against the tin walls of the caravan. Horrified one of the girl friends apologised for his action with the other responding "Well, it's the first time I've known what was in his hand all night" Wonderful line.

Such impudence, 'W'!

Thanks, Will, made me chuckle.

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