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Saturday, 18 November 2017


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A couple of weeks ago we took the children to see a film and exhibition about Tim Peake, our local boy from Chichester who spent time on the space station. Underneath the glamour of getting there, it does indeed seem to be a rough way to spend your time. When your wee, poo and dandruff can come adrift from their usual moorings and harass you, then it's important to stay vigilant and follow procedures! Apparently, the stay on board is also incredibly ageing and tough on the body.

Tim Peake came across as a worthy Brit representative. Tough, fit, cool as a cucumber (he had been a top test pilot) and very clever indeed. And a good PR man, capable of fielding daft questions from the public and chatting to kids. Heroes all.

Indeed so, 'W', and he never seemed to lose his smile, in the circs, a real test!

Apropos "inadvertently swallowing mouse droppings", I am reminded of the punchline for an old joke: "It tastes like shit -- but it's good!"

The space program uses "tough-as-tungsten military types" because early on it was found more sensitive types were sometimes overwhelmed with the rocket and space experience. One possible exception is astronaut Chris Hadfield, who's famous for this:

Btw, it's ISS. ISIS is something else entirely.

Bob, in the UK, when you return from a long stint in ISIS, the government still expects you to spend a lot of time in quarantine. The debriefing is pretty thorough too!

I could not stay in space that long. Limited fishing.

I'm with you Whitewall.

Gotta be able to flick a lure occasionally or you go dingbats.

I agree! Tomorrow I will finish a full 7 day stay on the North Carolina coast where I have been fishing furiously! It is good for the soul...especially one like mine. My wife informed me a while back that I was way too cranky-I know, not me!, but alas.

I fished, ate lots of seafood with wine and listened to Jimmy Buffet music at night. I'm a new old man!

Those who return from ISIS are known as "ghosts".

Whitewall I love fishing but don't eat fish. Way back my father had a professional fishing boat [well several actually] and we used to get fish for breakfast, dinner and tea it seemed. Turned me off fish for life.

I used to skipper his boat on my leave periods and worked Bass Strait and Port Phillip [look em up on Google Earth]. Loved catching the big pelagics in the Strait. That was a real buzz.

Now as I am boatless I like to wade an estuary and flick a lure into the gutters or alternately wade a shallow alpine river after trout. What the family don't want I give away.

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