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Sunday, 19 November 2017


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Whats this rubbish about just stumbling out of bed?

It's almost two bells in the First Watch down here and the family have just left after the ritual Sunday evening family dinner and am now sitting with a cold beer in front of the computer.

I truly do not know why we bother with failed African nations. Just leave them to kill each other off if they so desire. Welcome those who want to join the 21st Century and f--k the others.

Poor old Harvey W. You can almost hear him saying, "Honestly you don't think I am that desperate I'd grope Shrillary. Do you"?

I'm with AussieD on the Africans. We should just accept that the 60-year long struggle by the white, Christian West to drag them out of the stone age - has failed.

Well, BOE, looking back on a couple of thousand years of Christian Europe, I'm not too sure we have done any better!

Maybe she is groping around him looking for his check book?

Déjà vu

This black preacher might agree with you...

Oooops, Uppers, I'd forgotten that one - well, it was a month ago!

Was unable to resist, Duffers. She just won't go away, although, Aliceville, Alabama would be nice for a start.

Here is His Royal Tampon Wannabe's money "insight":

"Still, this is such a strange and creepy missive — the assumption that reading a few lines of the Quran gave him ‘insight’, the away-with-the-djinns reference to the ‘accessibility of rulers’. But it takes a truly ill-informed mind to bypass the horrendous historical events which drove so many European Jews to leave the lands they had lived in and contributed to so magnificently for centuries and ship out to a sliver of ancient homeland."
For my money, he is not only a tampon wannabe but also a royal douchebag.

Dammit all, Henry, he is the, er, splendid result of several generations of in-breeding!

Zimbabwe is actually run by a junta. The reason Mugabe's been sent packing is he had the poor judgement to attempt substituting his wife for their candidate. North Koreans would officially brand Mugabe a "dotard".

Thanks Uppers for the reminder of David's 'Title Competition' - too bad I only read (somewhere I can't recall) what either (probably Hillary) was saying to the other:

Close but no cigar!

Now David - you know Barney hasn't that contract - had he, t'wouldn't a been this bad:

Still though, mighta been avoided had nobody thought it a good idea to name a ship McCain. Maybe that rowboat you mention.

JK, I'm just relieved that they weren't taking part in a live-firing exercise - the mind boggles!

For my money, he is not only a tampon wannabe but also a royal douchebag.

Shalom TBH

With a bit of luck HRT [His Royal Tampon] will predecease my old Boss and we can skip straight to HM William IV [who won't be my Boss as I am retired] though as a staunch Monarchist he'll be my Sovereign.

Shalom AD

At least, Will, has his Mum's Spencer blood in him (I presume the same Spencer family as Marlborough?). I doubt he'd wannabe any woman's tampon, like the German side of his family.

When and if he is crowned and chooses to retain William as his name, however, he will have to settle for William V.

Ah TBH counting the Williams can be fun.

Technically William will be the fourth William for the Scots: There was a king of the Scots known as William the Lion, then there was William III, and William IV. For Wales he would technically be their third William: after William III and William IV [as numbered by the English]. For England he would be the fifth: after William the Conqueror, then William II, then William III, and finally William IV.

I split the difference to call him William IV but if I were to be difficult [I heard that Duffers] then for us he would be William I as here in Oz we haven't had any preceding Williams. On that basis of course his grannie would be Elizabeth I to us but Duffers mob will have to decide what number William uses but I suspect you are right and he will, on the basis of taking the highest number, be William V.

I'd like to be around to see him crowned but if HRT Charlie meets with a dreadful accident in order for that to happen it wasn't me.


The Roman numerals associated with the names of the English monarchs do not correspond to a count of monarchs of a given name in the entire Anglosphere. They are based on the sequential nomenclature of the monarchs of England, Great Britain, and the United Kingdom, beginning with the Conqueror. There have been four such monarchs named William; six Georges; eight Edwards; and, of course, eight Henrys.

There have not been any English nines. The Fwench, however, have had around eighteen Louis. Some say every king of France must be named Louis. It's part of their constitution. And all of their emperors must be named Napoleon. Moreover, every French emperor must invade Russia, in order to check whether or not global warming had begun. So far, it appears that it has not, at least not in Russia, especially not in winter.

How about King Willy?

TBH you need to allow us Monarchists our little eccentricities. As for Les Frogs a good friend of mine who transferred from the RN to the RAN always referred to them as "the Antient Enemy" [and Antient for him was not a spelling mistake].

boe he obviously does given he is now a father.

Back in the day, when I had to do ship recognition, we all identied the Frog ships because they had 3 turrets at the back.

I have been devoting some thought to this knotty subject. As I understand it, the heir to the throne gets to call himself what he likes. Subject to some caveats. He can't be Henry VIII because we've had one already. Nor can he be Elizabeth II. But in support of transgender people everywhere, he could be Elizabeth III. Or he could be Abdulmejid IIl. Abdulmejid II was the last Ottoman Caliph and we could say London was the new centre of the caliphate.

Personally, I favour Algernon I.

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