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Sunday, 05 November 2017


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Serves you right for voting Brexit and thereby slowing up globalization.

Here's some rumble news ...

Well at least we now know who paid for the big red bus with £350m's worth of lies on the side of it - Vlad Putin!


And here's the latest ...

Komrad Corbyn is starting to look good compared to these traitors, hiding under the cloak of Brexit patriotism.


Good grief, SoD, you'll be reading Pravda next! And you were supposed to get all that soppy Leftie nonsense out of your system during your twenties. At your age it's verging on ridiculous!

And the linkage between Brexiteers, Trump, and Putin ...

“Their first inquiry should focus on possible Russian meddling in the EU referendum. People need to know if Russian roubles played any part in securing the small majority for Brexit on 23June 2016.”

Too bloody right.


Gaffer, perhaps you could make a claim on expenses for all that shoe leather you wore out tramping up and down those Zummerzet lanes!

Might even get a free trip to Moscow!

New name for the blog? ...

"Duffsky and Nonzenzska"


"small majority for Brexit"

Define "small"

Ah Saudi Arabia - the grandfathers of the current generation were born in tents and interfered with goats. If things go well the grandchildren of the current generation will also be born in tents with lots of nervous goats around.

The bastards have been financing Islamist terrorism for years so I have zero sympathy for any of them - other than the goats.

FMD SoD. Next you'll be claiming that the Russians influenced the election of the Pope. Though given his strange ideas you may be on a better wicket with such a proposal.

AussieD, if the globalists don't get their way, then by golly those Russians had a hand in it! The current Pope is, I must say, an odd character. He seems to have two religions at once: Marxism lite and Catholicism.

That Sergey Nalobin puts himself about, doesn't he? ...

All over us like Rooskie rash, handing out medals and picking up Brexit votes from the wrinklies.


People who cross the Clintons have been known to die from odd accidents, overdoses, suicides in public parks, suicides with multiple rounds from a single shot pistol to the back of the head, airplane mishaps, exercise weights falling on their necks etc and etc.

Donna Brazille had better watch her back on her book tour.

Poor George Will, always the victim. An otherwise good review is headed with "In a new biography, Chernow leans against the modern idea that because greatness is rare, celebrating it is undemocratic." This is pure paranoid delusion. Americans are always on a hair trigger to celebrate greatness, even when it's not objectively so great. George is probably also having fever dreams about the "war on Christmas".


SoD, in case you missed it this connects the dots, possibly too well:

Treacherous weasel Farage is the most credible living version of the James Bond supervillain Blofeld.

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Sam, I am truly grateful for your efforts to guide me into the 21st century but, alas and alack, I am still trying to come to terms with telephones without dials! Actually, to be serious, I have no particular wish to read Kindle downloads on my PC not least because my armchair downstairs is so much more comfortable! Even so, I will pass on your tips to my 'IT Manager', aka: 'SoD'.

You don’t have read Kindle books on your computer, just lash out a few quid on an Amazon Kindle. Small, light and with a screen designed to be like paper. If it is to heavy, you can get Mrs Duff to hold it up for you.

"George Galloway who, needless to say, declined to wear a poppy"

I don't wear a poopy these days either, btw.

Ever since Royal British Legion accepted a donation from a BNP member that was celebrated and publicized by BNP media organs, I give my donation to Help for Heroes.

HfH aren't perfect either, but, unless someone can point out otherwise, they don't accept donations from the very fascists Britain's armed forces risk and sacrifice their lives to protect us from.


George Galloway...I honestly thought he was dead.

My wife and I wear a poppy on November 11 for Veteran's day. Her father was in the Army in 1917-1918.

BOE, yes, yes, I have and love my small Kindle. What I am not interested in doing is sitting up here reading a book off my Desk-top computer.

Very noble of you, SoD!

I don't wear a poppy, but I do fly the Flag on what was originally called Armistice Day. Primarily, I do so because my Mum (may she rest in peace) was born on November 11, 1918.


Assuming you and your wife are not older than I am, are you sure it wasn't your wife's grandfather who fought in World War I?

Nope, he was born in 1893 in South Carolina. My mother-in-law was his second wife and he was 13 years older than her. When my wife was born, he was 53. He always got a chuckle at people who thought he was her grandfather. It's interesting when it comes to values systems, my wife draws hers from her parents who date back to the turn of the last century!


I think I should point out that it's a long, long time until the next general election and an awful lot can happen in that time. Given recent events, Labour should be a good 20 points ahead in the polls. They aren't of course and currently have a wafer thin lead only.

Why is this? The reason - which everyone is forgetting - is that Jeremy Corbyn's popularity has never extended outside the Labour party. The floating voters (of which I am one) remain less than convinced.

If and when the Tories do a Julius Caesar on Theresa May, all bets will be off. With almost anyone else in No 10, Corbyn will have about as much chance as the last ice cream at a kid's party.

Let's just say that I will be following any such developments with extreme interest...

Richard, you may be right but one sector of the electorate that Corbyn has reached and enthused is the young (or do I mean 'juvenile'!) vote which normally is too 'zapped' to actually go to a polling station. They could make a difference - God help us!

On the other hand David, I may be wrong. My political predictions have a nasty habit of not coming true!!

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