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Wednesday, 15 November 2017


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What to do with him? The last hours of Nicolae Ceaușescu might be worth considering.

"What took them so long?"

One would probably say the same of anything in Sub-Saharan Africa. Even ordering coffee can be a lengthy ordeal.

Mugabe himself, reunite him with Winnie.
His new wife, put her in Las Vegas with an expired credit card.

Seems to this unengaged observer that people tend to act, or rather react, as though we only went collectively and unaccountably bonkers in the last five, ten, absolute total maximum twenty years. And that's if we can actually be arsed to remember that far back... I mean, that’s like forever, man. Before that, in popular history seems we only really had that shouty bloke with the weird little moustache; you know, that guy who played the baddie in all those grainy black and white films, and apparently we pluckily showed him what for.

Wrong! The simpering craven craziness goes way back.

I well recall how this ‘statesman’ (or mean spirited, ignorant and murderous thug, as even a young but halfway observant me at the time preferred to consider him; solely on the basis of the so-easily available and abundant evidence) was relentlessly fawned over by a sycophantic and wilfully unquestioning media. Lancaster House talks. Good old Beeb, ever the dispassionate seeker after truth. High fives all round. Pity about his fat black rival, screw him anyway, he never quite fit the narrative.

In the end, even his erstwhile cheerleaders and enablers were quietly, gradually forced in the face of the all too obvious facts (and lots of dead or blighted people of all stripes, as if they mattered and anyone really cared) to withdraw their vocal championing of what had become a bit of an undeniable embarrassment. Do you think they might now apologise, albeit belatedly? That would be refreshing. Have a bit of a re-think? Life lessons learned, and all that. Or have they seamlessly, effortlessly transferred their (witless, zero cost to them, but dangerous or fatal to so many other poor souls) enthusiasm to their next fashionable failure in waiting?

Sickbag, please. I think we know the answer…

The Mugger was black a Marxist Catholic so he is a good guy. He bumped into Jack Straw on an occasion!

Can Jacob Zuma be far behind?

Good comment Buster.

We are seeing the same in Venezuela.

He should be asked to find out the depth of a mineshaft the quick way as did so many Ndebele back in the eighties.

Perhaps we could send them a Colonial Governor. Your friend Hamilton might do.

Sorry, BOE, who is "your friend Hamilton"?

Lewis, him of the vroom vroom fame.


Harare is quiet and businesses are open. Airports are open; some citizens are surprised that no one has come to rescue President Mugabe, who remains under house arrest, but is said to be safe.

"Unconfirmed reports relate that his wife, Grace Mugabe, fled the country. The army has arrested some of her key supporters, including the Finance Minister. Most international observers judge that a coup has taken place."

The absence of bloodshed seems to account for the cautious reaction by the African Union [which] strongly opposes military takeovers.

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