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Saturday, 09 December 2017


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One way we might better understand ourselves and other complex problems is by building extremely intelligent machines. It's not an idea that's altogether comforting, though:

It's 5.30 a.m on a Sunday morning and you've made my head hurt.
I'm going back to bed!

"math is hard. Barbie

"{B}ecause the mathematics is just too hard. See above

May I suggest the much more modest goal of politicians understanding enough arithmetic to balance a budget?

However I think Barbie will understand string theory first.

It's good news.

Scientists have been a very "up their own arse" sort of people who've needed bringing down a peg or two for a while now. I mean, "carbon causes global warming" my arse, and all that.

Bob might be right that the materialists / mechanists might dodge away from science as the crooked practices ("hide the decline") and mathematical limitations of science defrocks their priestly authority, and swerve into AI. And in there they will meet their doom.

Because deep in the heart of AI lurks the home base of Mr Godel. And he shafts them, good 'n' proper.


The first rule of physics I learned back in the fifties was that matter cannot be made or destroyed only that you can change its state. That being the case it proves that the universe has always existed so no need for a creator.


Another possible way forward is increasing human intelligence:

It could be that super intelligent mathematicians would exceed Godel's work similarly to the way Einstein surpassed Newton.

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