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Friday, 22 December 2017


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I agree, traditional funerals are boring.
My sister died a month ago and her service was full of life - songs by her talented sons (and what a comedic duo they are), accolades by friends and family. Not a priest in sight. The only bad thing was no booze at the reception! But then, knowing my sister's friends, they would have decimated her husband's retirement account.
I have told my daughter that I want to be cremated, put into the most beautiful urn she can find so that she can take me with her wherever she moves, and a big party with dancing and booze.

missred, sorry to hear you lost your sister. She and you must be fairly young compared to this crowd here.

David, about your no funeral request, what if you happen to outlive everyone you mention above? It can happen.

Dear Miss Red, I trust my invitation is in the post!

Whiters, I have every intention of outliving everyone but, dammit, it's always those "events, dear boy, events"!

Thank you, Whiters. My (older) sister was 69. She waited until the day after her birthday. I would have preferred to die a year younger on paper! But she loved a party and the family was all in the hospital room celebrating with songs and cake. Not that she could have any nor was she responsive. But she loved a party! Bastard Cancer.
David, of course you are invited! However, be forewarned I intend to outlive my younger siblings!
If fact all you old buggers are invited! *laughing*

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