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Thursday, 07 December 2017


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I just returned from the gym where we have a mix of old codgers---I resemble that mark---and healthy young ladies. The awareness of Dec. 7, 1941 broke along age lines perfectly.

Pearl Harbor was a hell of a way to end a Great Depression. We were a united people. We were not a united people on Sept. 11, 2001. Even less today. This is due to the successes of the "juvenile Left". The Navy honored Mr. Vinson.

Country bumpkins eh?

Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em...

"Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em..."

As you say Cuffers:

Hail Australia's Coast-Watchers!


They've described the logically intractable problem of NI borders with ROI and UK vs UK leaving single market, agreed it is an intractable problem, and called this agreement an agreement!

Seems like all the finance industry (or any other) has to do is move an office to NI, hire one paddy from ROI, and access to the single market is guaranteed.

So Blighty is leaving the EU overtly but staying in the EU covertly.


Read paragraphs 49 & 50 of the "agreement" for the nub of it. And if you can't be bothered to read 'em, just observe that Nigel Farage hates it.

Jimmy Glesga was right. God bless the Proddies!

A little bit of me has a twinge of feeling sorry for you Brexiteers and country-bumpkins. But when I remember the grief you put my Fluffbun through, that quickly disappears.

C'mon Gaffer, get your sorry arse outta your pit, put a post up and make this the first comment.


Also, and this is a big also, so much so that it really shouldn't be an also, but rather a thing of its own: -

Has Blighty found it's remarkable leader? ...

Courage, stamina, smartness. Makes mistakes, but recovers from them.

The Lady's not for turning - she's still a Remainer!

But she sucker-punched us all, especially the Brexiteers and cunt-bumps: Brexit means Brexit, hahaha!. They're still blithering around scratching their heads wondering what just happened.

She drip fed all the bad news to the Brexiteers so none of it would be too much in one hit to trip the rebellion wire, First £20bn, long pause, grumble grumble. Second, a bit of ECJ, long pause, grumble grumble. Third, £39bn, long pause, grumble grumble. Fourth, no border but leaving customs union and both in and out of single market, too confusing for Brexit peanut brains to comprehend and too worn down to resist anyway. She has avoided battle and won by outmarching her enemies.

That's why she stretched it out for so long. If she'd laid all those cards on the table at once she'd have been toast.

That is a strategic genius as work. With balls.

By George and all the Saints. I think dear old Blighty has found its winner. And she's drawn Excalibur from the stone.

What will she do next?

Bloody hell, this is defo better than Game of Thrones..


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