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Friday, 08 December 2017


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Halifax was the bloke who wanted to make peace with Hitler was he not?

Just as well he didn't succeed Chamberlain

AussieD, I take your point but I can't help wondering exactly how much of a difference it would have made!

I thought that the Labour Party refused to serve under Halifax, and that this was a key factor in the decision?

Good Lord, I took a sudden chill at the title of this piece! Thought it was a start of an obituary.

TDK, it was a factor but they would have served under Chamberlain and, as you know, very reluctantly they agreed to serve under Churchill. The key factor I gather from the book is that Halifax just did not want the job because it would have meant running the government from the House of Lords with Churchill actually fronting it in the Commons. He knew that pretty quickly Winnie would, in effect, take over and he would simply become an effigy.

Whiters, you really must control your excitement!

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