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Wednesday, 06 December 2017


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Neville Chamberlain, I think. Not Austen.

Since you mentioned the Profumo affair you might be interested in news about Christine Keeler:

Also, this movie is widely advertised over here. Possibly Americans have the qualities of leadership on their minds:

Thanks, 'Deccers', for sorting out my Chamberlains, now duly corrected and I blame the gin!

Bob, I heard an interview on the radio last night with Tom Mangold who was an ace reporter for the Daily Express during the 'scandal'. He reckoned the espionage angle which was played up at the time was hysterical nonsense. John Profumo, who in 1960 had the honour to shake me by the hand even if, so to speak, he had his hands full at the time, was both a tragic and heroic figure. Yes, he lied in parliament (heavens to Betsy, a politician lying!) and was caught out which ended his political career and nearly his marriage. However, after dropping out of public life and nursing his wounds for a while, very privately he volunteered to work fulltime and unpaid on the wards of a charity caring for the elderly. Eventually, he became the chairman of the charity but only after doing his bit at the bedsides of the old and frail.

Am glad you clarified "The Six Minutes In May".

Uppers, you are a very naughty boy even if you did make me laugh!

David, I can't say I spent much time on the Profumo affair at the time, but do seem to remember it was covered over here with a lot of tsk-tsking, pearl clutching and red baiting. We were more innocent back then. Good on Profumo for having made amends. There might not be any modern pols that would even consider it.

"Good on Profumo for having made amends. There might not be any modern pols that would even consider it.

Quite so, Bob, and don't ask me why but these words came back to me: "I did not have sexual relations with that woman." He didn't so much "make amends", as make even more money!

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