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Thursday, 28 December 2017


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Since 'Jezza' is a Marxist, he has no need of a mind. That's how his sort hang on through history. With her, let's see if the immense pressure from this blog keeps her in check through new year at least!

Politicians placing civility and personal friendship above party politics restores one's faith in human nature. I think an important aspect of true conservatism is that politics is kept within reasonable boundaries. Only mentally ill people or juvenile fanatics with something to prove attempt to politicise everything. There is so much more to life.

Dear Lord,

Whatever those muppet Brexiteers have done,
However much their stupidity has riled you,
However much it has made it almost inevitable that those two scum-bags pictured above might take the reins of executive power in Blighty,
Please, pleeeeeeaaasse,
Intervene to make it not happen.


SoD's Xmas prayer.


I second Whyaxye, but have to add that admitting Conservatives are humans is rather minimal.

SoD, don't speak too soon because according to the DT headline:

"Jeremy Corbyn fails to rule out second EU referendum if Labour gains power"!

I shall enjoy watching you turn in ever decreasing circles as you try to make up your mind how to vote!

"... Fails to rule out ..."

Corbyn and Co know perfectly well that Brexit is a Godsend for them (hence my counter-request to the good Lord).

The intelligent Left voted Brexit. Because they knew it would give them the chance to turn Blighty into a socialist death camp, which is something they'd never be able to do with EU governance rules and regs.

The stupid Left voted Remain. Because they thought the EU is all about softy leftishness. It isn't. Ask the EU immigrants working zero hours contracts in Brit businesses - all above board with the EU's t's and c's. Ask capitalism - European-wide Brit businesses.

Therefore ...

The intelligent Right voted Remain.

And the stupid Right voted Brexit.

Corbyn is being perfidious in floating a second referendum to keep the soft and stupid left on board.

It's the Lib-Dems for me, like last time.


The problem is not that Conservatives are not human, it is that they are not conservative!

Struck some gold! The first humans were of necessity 'conservative'.

"Perhaps this is simply how history works: that Britain must rediscover the miseries of untrammelled trade union power in order to educate a new generation of voters about the consequences of surrendering to those who seek political change by means other than the ballot box."

No, Tom Harris, you dick for brains. They would never have to learn that from scratch and screw up the UK for 30 years - like the 30 years from 1945-75 - if YOU HADN'T VOTED BREXIT.

"Perhaps this is simply how history works". Jesus, this twat works for the Telegraph and he's only just figured out how this part of history works? He didn't figure out that "taking back control" meant that a new Brit generation would make the same mistakes as a prior one beyond their living memory!

What is the point of progress if you don't enshrine it into institutions and constitutions and stick by them, so that future generations don't make the same mistakes as past generations? If every generation is to make the same mistakes as the last, where is the progress ever going to come from?


where is the progress ever going to come from?

That's a ripper SoD but the funnies are not due till Monday. But the answer to your question is "Not the f------g Fourth Reich a.k.a the EU"

You should change your christmas cracker supplier sod, the joke abiut the eu being the guarantor of human progress is getting rather stale.

We all know it is an attempt to recreate the austro hungarian empire nad we know how that ended!

Anyway happy new year all.

The DT's Fraser Nelson finds out what "taking back control" means ...

Amazing, isn't it? For 45 years the EU has done all the difficult, hardcore legislation. It's been clear, detailed, and rarely, if ever, in need of amendment. The grumbles have subsided as the benefits to life and limb, prosperity, and social well-being accumulate.

So spot-on has the EU's statute been, that the grumblers have had to make up fake EU laws in order to criticize them. But so bad were the grumblers falsies that some were actually good ideas (like straight cucumbers - you can fit more into a crate, reduce the transport costs, and the poor can have cheaper food).

And in the same 45 years, what has Blighty - with the same number of pols in spite of much less remit to legislate - actually done? A fox-hunting ban and an incoherent mobile device ban.

And Fraser Nelson wants Blighty under the sole discretion of this "ass" of an executive?

This sort of perverted blindness to reason and observable facts will lead to much more than a few crap laws. This sort of perverted blindness is the road to serfdom.

I'd rather be a free European than a British serf.

At least the Gaffer has the honesty to say he'd rather be a British serf than a free European, just because. Because he has the sense to know there's no other argument to be had.


The problem you have SoD, is that the choice your Dad faces is between being a British serf or an EU serf. And given the record of the Franco-German alliance over the last 200 years the choice is obvious. Anyway, there is always the chance that English serfdom will change into English freedom.

Well sod, having outsourced all law making to an enelected autocracy, the british govt poor things have been floundering a bit trying to find somebthing to do .

So they have enacted some reL shite, the two you mention, plus the egregious energy sustainabilty bill whatever it was called, one of the most disastrous bills ever passed by parliament.

And you know what? Your precious eu didnt protect us from that.

Furthermore the useful legislation passed down from the unelected autocracy, of which there is quite a lot, is nearly all agreed at an intergovernmental level higher than the eu where countries such as norwya and swiss negotiate as equals and we are represnted by the paragons from brussles, normally seekingt o advance the interests of germany or at a pinch france.

So we'll do just as well outside and quite possibly better.

However sod, I'm going to stop because it's pointless trying explain things to you as you don't listen to any opinion which you don't agree with. And its a lovely sunny day and I'm going to carry on pruning my long suffering olive trees.

A good day to all.

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