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Friday, 01 December 2017


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Did the Kindle voice have a nice accent or one of those electronic voices?

David you aren't so old that you have to give up on birthdays and resort to carbon dating...yet!

An impeccable voice from the actor Michael Jayston who played 'Peter Guillam' in the TV series of 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy' and who has recorded most of the le Carre books for Audible. And it's not so much a matter of how old I am in years as how old I feel!

Unfortunately I think the basic problem is you’re getting older and increasingly decrepit. Happens to us all. I wouldn't worry too much.

Younger people, as if anyone actually gave a monkey's about these idle onanists, don’t like this. It’s a distant but annoying reminder of how they are going to end up and they would so much rather live in the eternal present. Plus, when you seriously think about it, do you actually need all that money and stuff in the state you’re in, when they could actually seriously do with proper up to date things, like their buddies have got?

Older people don’t have the energy or sympathy to spare... So, you think you’ve got it bad?

Really, really old people (who were surely beautiful once) are on ventilators with bed sores, and nobody really knows, or effectively frankly cares, quite what, or if, they think.

Thanks, Buster, that started my day well!

It's funny, when I show you, teach you, instruct you, in the ways of IT, it never goes in. It leads only to trouble and strive.

However, when left to your own devices (pun intended), obliged to research, self-teach, and become self-reliant, you manage to find your level and satisfy your own requirements.

See, I've been hoisted by my own hypocrisy! Authoritarianism fails everywhere it goes. Libertarianism and self-reliance is the only human system that works. I tried diktat for all these years with no result, when laissez-faire sorted it in one hit.

Anyway, welcome to the world of the audio internet, Gaffer.

I've just had Charles Dickens "A Tale of Two Cities" and "Ninety-Three" by Victor Hugo (a masterpiece that deserves more attention, imho) read to me by two throaty theatricals, to round out my deep dive on the French revolution. I love the way they modify their voices to speak the words of the characters, female and children's voices too. It reminds me of being told bedtimes stories by you as a child ("Doo-Dah" the ambulance, remember her? And what was the name of the biplane that saved all the people on the doomed airliner by landing on its wings and ferrying them down to earth for safety?).

And if you want a lip-wobbler, try Anne Frank's diary read by Helena Bonham-Carter. Lordy me, go through a long dark winter's night staring at the ceiling with your ear piece in and you are transported. You won't be quite the same person you were, when the sunrise comes.


"most of the books were rubbish"

Ah! That explains a lot.

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