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Monday, 18 December 2017


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Is this the first funny?

Is this the first funny?

May well be BoE. But whatever you do don't mention "The Ashes".

Sorry Duffers.

Mutti Merkel is a threat to German and European security. So is the EU.

And from which of the great power states might the east European and Nordic states have preferred the next EU president to come from - if that state had remained in the EU?

Dave Cam could've got the job - and what a poke in the eye for Junck-the-Drunk and the Kaiserin that would've been! The very bloke Junck thought he'd got one over on by getting elected against his - Dave's - wishes. And now Dave gets revenge by taking the top job off him and steering the EU in a different direction, thereby reversing all Junck's "achievements"!

There was (and still is) a counter-Franco-German powerbase crying out for leadership from one of the great powers in a rightwards direction. And the Kaiserin was and is flat on her bumzen, her French poodle helpless by her side.

Defeat snatched from the jaws of victory after 40 years of patient stalking.

Flippin' incredible missed opportunity.


File under "Clutching at straws"

Highly unlikely that Dim Dave would have the wherewithal to steer the EU anywhere but where its already going.

You know turds, when they are circling the pan, they take a heck of a lot of steering to change direction!

Ooooh, even the DT has published it!

How's that "will of the people" (dread words) thing going for ya these days? ...

Never heard of it, what ya talkin' about, you say?!

And it reveals how you nicked it, yes, nicked it ...

"However, readers should note that digging deeper into the data reveals that this shift has come predominantly from those who did not actually vote in the 2016 referendum, with around nine in 10 Leave and Remain voters still unchanged in their view."

All the kiddos had better things to do, like cavorting around in the mud and bodily fluids in Glastonbury. And the rest thought everyone else would do the job for them so it would be a forgone conclusion. So they didn't bother to vote - and you slunk in there and nicked it!

You're very, very naughty Brexit boys and girls. String belts and braces off, remove straw from corner of mouth, and over my knee for a good old fashioned 20th century hiding.


The new German Reich has economically bought a new middle class throughout the EU and they now occupy Antwerp, Ostend, Dunkirk, Calais and Boulogne without a fight. The frogs gave in very quickly as usual, surprised at the Belgiums!
According to Mrs May the Russians are still the common enemy of the West.
Let us wait and see the outcome of the negotiations and who the real enemy is.

Look here, you lot could've teamed up with these boys, the new "pro-EU extreme right", and maybe compared your 45 degree right arm salutes at the same time ...


Your problem SoD, is that you want the UK to be allied with somebody to oppose somebody else. I voted for Brexit as a first step to disentangling ourselves from all alliances. No more French wars and no more American wars.

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