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Tuesday, 05 December 2017


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Looks to me like the EU picked an issue that was absolutely guaranteed to be insolubly "political" as a way of stalling the process. We've got to have agreement between the Irish, have we, before a deal can be made? Excellent! Next up will be the forcible amalgamation of Manchester United and Liverpool before talks can proceed. (Or, more seriously, Gibraltar?) May has thrown this game. Bankruptcy under Corbyn would at least be a quick death rather than this drawn-out European farce.

To be fair, Duffers, I doubt Junk has the faintest idea about proddie feelings, but as a serial leaker it is for him a natural reaction.

Teresa May has lost the plot and needs to go.

The Tories need to find somebody, somehow, and it is not obvious who it might be, who is personable, competent and a genuine leaver - as Brexit is far and away the most important item on the agenda for the foreseeable future that has to be.

I would tentatively suggest Gove but I have no doubt that opinion will attract the usual ridicule from other quarters.

Boris is Boris, Davis has been seen to be too much of a bumbler, Leadsome failed last time and seems to lack the charisma (mind you so does the fish faced cow).

We must remember that whilst a trade deal is very much in the interest of the people of Europe, more so than it is to us, it is not in the interest of the EU which simply seeks to obtain/retain as much money, power and prestige as possible.
The only way a sensible trade deal will be struck is if the national Governments of Europe pressure them into it. Given the present weakness of all European Governments I doubt this will happen. Hence I expect a series of deliberately unacceptable demands from the EU until we leave with no deal. Oh and should we crack and ask to stay expect that to be super expensive too.
I would suggest that on leaving we suspend collection of import duties from all non EU countries, the suspension to last for two years from the start of trade negotiations with each country or until a deal is done whichever is shorter. Since we will already have spent two years negotiating with the EU, imports from there should be charged in accordance with WTO unless and until a trade deal is negotiated.
We get cheap imports straight away, and those providing the imports will have an interest in lobbying their Governments to agree a deal. The Continentals already have sufficient incentive.
As to the Irish border, paperwork is sufficient to deal with different tax rates at present, it would deal with import duties too. If the Irish want to build a wall that's their business.

May forgot to include the Proddies until the last moment.

What an unbelievably incompetent, arrogant, thing to do: Miss out one of the players, in fact, the player who's keeping her government in power.

I wonder what would have happened if she'd actually forgotten altogether, and her and Junck-the-Drunk had formally announced a deal done - only to have the Proddies dash it afterwards!?

Since all of this was predicted by me more than a year ago, namely, the utter degraded state of our political class, hoi-poloi, and constitution, I'm wondering what else I predicted and how horrific it was.

Oh yes, when the queen said, "Give me three reasons why the UK shouldn't do Brexit", I replied immediately, "The prosperity of the UK, the unity of the UK, and peace in the UK".

Watch this space.


FUKEW, Gaffer - it's the place where you live! ...


"The prosperity of the UK, the unity of the UK, and peace in the UK".

All very worthy as platitudes often are. But I would like an independent country ruled by my fellow Englishmen. I also think that the EU will come to a sticky end - the French and Germans will do what they always do and screw everything up.

The priorities of nationalism no longer function reliably in an even nominally global civilization. At this point the closest thing to a kingdom or empire might be a kleptocracy:

One thing about the Proddies is they can smell a Rat. The Tories and Labour tried to sell out NI after the troubles began in 1969.
It was OK for NI to send thousands of troops to fight in British conflicts over many decades however that is of no consequence to those whose only criteria is economics and profit. Loyalty does does not exist in their thinking. The DUP were on the ball and read exactly what was going on and all credit to them.

"It was OK for NI to send thousands of troops to fight in British conflicts over many decades"

And likewise the many thousands of Englishmen who gave their lives keeping the Left Footers off Proddy throats for decades, in fact centuries, several of whom were my comrades.

All bets are off now, Jimmy, it's "sauve qui peut", courtesy Brexit.

Within minutes of May's "regulatory alignment" NI border solution, Scotland, Wales, London, Manchester, and Liverpool, all said, "We want some of that! If them, why not us?".

The UK has palpably failed in the most visible manner possible: to the global audience. It no longer exists on the world stage for sure. Soon it won't exist on the British Isles stage either.

As I predicted: The good ship Blighty would have survived and thrived as the successful bluffer it was in the EU port of safety. But exposed to the real biting storm of 21st century global politics, economics, and social, it would be blown away. And now the irrevocable realization of it's true weakness and worthlessness as a whole by friends and enemies alike means it's for scrappage in salvageable parts.

Scuppered by her own crew.


Loz, Do not predict just await the outcome. If you are right just have a smug smile to yourself. If you are wrong then just smile you will still think you are right.

Are those of us not living in the UK missing some important happening from our radars?

Loz is a typical member of a global movement characterised by hysteria. This global movement known as The Hysterics panic about different things, dependent on their location. So, in the UK, Loz and the remoaners panic about Brexit. In the USA it it is Donald Trump. In the EU it is also Donald Trump and to a lesser extent, Vladimer Putin. No matter what and where, they are deranged and hysterical.


That's the word I was looking for when I read the latest ...


Hysterical nonsense Sod.


Loz, the stupid questions asked by Benn were given an honest answer by Davis.

Let's pray BoJo's dream of sending countless more young Brit service folks to sandy graves never happens ...

The delusions of imperial grandeur hang around the necks of Brexiteers like medallions.


"And my message to Mrs. May is short and simple - get real!"

And my message to Mrs. May is also short and simple - GO AND GO NOW!

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