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Saturday, 23 December 2017


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"Only one major European country has had the guts to stand up to the Brussels behemoth, and that is Britain"

Naturally! It is normal. As a result, I expect Germany to invade Poland or somewhere.

"When they look at what is happening on the Continent, even the most rabid opponents of Brexit must surely acknowledge that the vote to leave the EU will help protect this country from dangerous extremism."

Sung at the top of my most loutish student post-8 pints of lager and still counting, voice! ..

Oh, Jeremy Corbyn!
Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy,

And the new hard-ish right Austrian crew are pro-EU. They want to work within the EU to change the direction, not scarper back home to the Alps while belting out a rendition of "The hills are alive ...".

The Visegradders, the rest of the Ost Bloccers, Paddies, and Nordics are the same.

With Blighty on-board we might have swung it ...

Czech Rep

That's 18 of the 28.

"Perfidious Albion" of old would have lined those ducks up like battleships and got it done.

So that would've been "TTFN Junck-the-Drunk" and "Hello Dave Cam" as EU President. The EU fashioned hard right-ish and Blighty in charge.

But no. Twas not to be.


Sounds to me, SoD, as though you have already sunk your 8 pints of lager!

If Blighty follows through on Brexit, and somehow avoids becoming a socialist death camp, we should pursue the above states, with the US, to try and break-up the EU.

If Greece and Ukraine are added to the mix, it makes for a very interesting geo-political map.

The new BUSE (Britain, United States, and Europe - pronounced "Booze") surrounds the Baltic and stretches down to touch the med in Greece. It cuts off the remnants of the old EU from Rooskie energy. It can supply itself with American energy from the east coast shale export terminals in the event it cannot buy the energy from Vlad. And in the event it is on friendly terms with Vlad, it keeps him honest with his energy prices.

It provides a grand new corridor for the "new silk road", the Chinese investment route into the heart of europe, while at the same time granting the US control over that development needed to thwart China turning allies away from the US.

If the Don wants to put a wall around it in exchange for freedom of movement with the US, that's doable. These states are the least "Muslimized", with a few exceptions (Blighty being one), so it shouldn't pose an insurmountable problem for the Don's angst on this matter.

The buying power of these high growth states will suck in American exports like a vacuum. Consider defence. Alot of these guys need to ditch the old soviet crapulata they're riding around in, and get modernized. Who better to buy it from than the US?

So imagine if it was a defence union as well. A replacement for NATO with willing instead of reticent members. With Vlad on one side and the fourth Reich on the other, I doubt getting 2% spend on military out of them would be an issue (as said, spend that will go largely towards the US).

And think of the prosperity! ...

(1) A union run on Anglo-centric laissez-faire (irony) terms, compromising the head of the family and it's most compatible allies.
(2) The biggest single market in the history of single markets.
(3) Able to barter trade deals from the highest position of strength possible with the rump of old europe / EU and the Vladisphere.
(4) A large population and the economic and military strength that comes with it, that can sustainably challenge China going forward (this one is of critical importance to the US).


Seems like the Don has jumped the gun and got off to a head start ...

Tooling up the Ukies with advanced sniper rifles and Javelin anti-tank missiles. Those are game changers on the Donbas battlefields, if supplied in sufficient quantities ...

Vlad is up in arms (or should that be "down in arms"?) ...

Is the Don about to activate Vlad's worst nightmare: A double whammy of freshly equipped and updated Saudi proxies and Israeli subterfuge and support raining fire down on his boots on the ground in Syria, together with Ukies armed with gear that can put one in the noggin of every Ivan in the Donbas at 2000 yards - and a tandem anti-tank munition down his T-72's turret hatch into the bargain?!

Add the Don's darkening storm clouds over the Korean peninsular, and 2018 looks like being a spectacular year.


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