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Sunday, 10 December 2017


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If Trump is dumb what does that make his rivals and opponents?
I note that being pro-women consists largely in making it easier for them to kill their babies. I'm not convinced that all women have that as their top priority.

I think, Pat, that it is almost impossible for an Englishman to decide with certainty whether or not Trump is dumb because he is so damned un-English! In fact, in some of his impetuous ways he reminds me of Churchill who was, of course, half American! All we can do is watch what he does, cross our fingers and hope for the best.

Are Democrats doomed? Unfortunately not. They are however the mostly unwitting agents of an ideology that always ushers in doom. The Republicans are too busy standing around with their hands in their pockets playing pocket pool to put the Dems away for good.

It has taken the likes of Trump to cut off their funding. Dirty money and too much immigration are their lifeblood. Choke off both and they will die off. Very soon works for me.

CNN, the most busted name in news! (H/T Diplomad)

You're burdened with a lot of misconceptions about American politics today, David. First, Maureen Dowd might be "impeccably liberal" relative to you, but not in fact. She's made a career of deriding the Clintons (which they deserve). Also, she has been far less left since 9/11 in 2001, when she seemed to suffer a nervous breakdown. I quit reading opinion pieces unless they're linked in a blog about five years ago, so that might have changed, but the piece you link seems typical of what I remember.

Second, the piece in TAS ignores the fact that individual Democratic candidates have been out fundraising the DNC significantly lately. Grass roots Democrats and the left dislike the party establishment almost as much as Republicans despise theirs.

Third, CNN's ratings are good:

"Regulatory alignment".

What a stroke of genius that phrase is. It's a magic spell that when cast causes the great majority of folks who once had a passion for Brexit, whether Remain or Leave, but no brains and a gnat's span of attention, to instantly lose interest completely and rout from the battlefield.

This of course rules out the entire Brexiteer fraternity - from the cabinet top to the farmyard bottom.

"Would you like to discuss regulatory alignment with me?" is guaranteed to send any self-respecting Cunt-Bumper into a frenzy of cries of "Run away! Run away!", and, spitting out the straw from the corner of their mouth and grasping at the string holding their trousers up, decamp from the cabinet (top) or lawn in front of the Houses of Parliament (farmyard) and scarper down the A303 to Zummerzet! (See above post, for example).

What a move by May! What a result for "Remainers-by-proxy".

What it actually means is a slider-bar. In fact, not just one slider-bar, but one for every industry in Blighty.

A slider-bar is one of these ...


You slide the nob in the middle to left or right to increase or decrease an effect. Maybe volume on a radio, or bass / treble in a music system, etc.

Well now the UK / EU negotiation teams have a whole bank of slider-bars, like a mixing desk in a recording studio.

Each slider-bar in the bank thereof represents an industry: Finance, agriculture, tech, manufacturing, etc.

Move the slider-bar to the left and you get less "regulatory alignment" and less access to the single market - huzzah say the Brexiteers. You pay less in EU single market access fees, but more in cross-border trade tariffs.

Move the slider-bar to the right and you get more "regulatory alignment" and more access to the single market - huzzah say the Remainers. You pay more in EU single market access fees, but less in cross-border tariffs.

Each slider-bar for each industry will now be adjusted by nerdy-werdy industry specialist types, well beyond the mental capacity and reach of mass media memes and bullshit, like: "Let's spend £350m a week on the NHS instead", and the knuckle dragging pols and activists that go with the mass media memes and bullshit.

And we know the class of folks who inhabit the nerdy-werdy world of the civil service, foreign office, and negotiation elite, don't we? Put it this way, they don't chew straw in the corner of their mouths or have string holding their trousers up!

Which means the "Remainers-by-proxy-of-regulatory-alignment", to give them their full title, have much to be pleased about, imho.

So there is a delish dollop of irony: In one sense you did take back control of the bank of slider-bars - but only to hand it over to the "Remainers-by-proxy-of-regulatory-alignment" coz it was too complicated for your lickle-wickle peanut brains!

By George and all the Saints, what a saga. You couldn't make it up.


"Unwitting" Whitewall, surely you jest?!!!


As far as that Spectator piece (that, admittedly, I've yet to read) there's [probably] another factor that'll be a contributor - Lois Lerner's Weaponized IRS is now severely constrained.

I'd put that "constrained" in other terms but as yet, I've not had my regular three cups of coffee. With two grams of 85% cacaoed chocalate per cup.

(Bob? I'll tend to you later.)

Just call me "in the Christmas Spirit"! I recover quickly right after. I am with you on the coffee...but the chocolate?

Well Whitewall, doctor's orders is what the chocolate is. Mind, not the sweet sort - being sugar restricted (thus the choc/cacao being no less than 85% [definitely not Hershey's or Godiva - nor milk-chocolate] the stuff's bitterer than my usual beer)

Anyway, supposedly, both my circulation and mood are improved.

(Though my associates frequently query, "How so?")

- Check your email Whitewall -

JK, I'd heard whispers from up in, er, 'them thar hills' that Barney Magroo's profits had slumped recently. Dammit, man, you have a reputation to uphold - coffee? - chocolate? - good grief, you'll be telling us next that you are drinking tea!

No need to worry 'bout Barney's margins David.

Since the Pervnado hit Washington DC, orders for his products have gone through the roof. Matter of fact, Barney's considering an IPO.

(*Note on pronunciation of Pervnado - rhymes with tornado, long A.)

SoD - "You couldn't make it up."

You just did!

JK - try whisking in some ghee. Looks revolting, tastes amazing and is incredibly good for you.


Pervnado? Washington DC? What are you trying to say?

Barney should offer to market "Trump Moonshine". It's a natural. I hear he might never get his cut, though.

Mmm, I love the smell of napalm in the morning. Smells like ...


Those slider-bars just went right a couple notches.


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