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Sunday, 03 December 2017


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I don't understand why any sane woman would want to join something as elite as the SAS or the Seals over here. I don't understand why pols would want to disrupt these forces for pointless social engineering.

Whitewall: "I don't understand why pols would want to disrupt these forces for pointless social engineering."

Politicians do what they do for votes.

Women, throughout history, have proven quite capable of being adversarial in their own right as evidenced here and here.

Up2l8 - quite. The number can be counted on one hand.

Let's have rather a ladies sad (for going on TV) and a genyelemams DAD (for attacking and slaughtering enemies).

Or else a single tournament at Wimbledon for all come of whatever sex. Only thing is, there's precious little totty on show as the ladies wouldn't even get past qualifying.

And why do we have to finance the ladies England football team? The blokes are fooking crap, the lassies worse.

"The blokes are fooking crap, the lassies worse."

Obviously Cuffers, you ain't tuned to the right league:

Jk - what can I say? Quite splendid. I am now a confirmed fan of ladies (and I use the term advisedly) football.

Thank you.

JK, who says we Americans ain't got no culture!

It's good to know Labour supporters don't all approve of a neo-Bolshevik like Corbyn. On the other hand, after some moment in the 1990's I'd have been sacked if caught with porn on my work computer.


JK, which Lingerie Football league QB has the best stats?

Sad to hear Dan Hodges has left the Labour Party. He would have possibly been a good leader who would have united the various factions. Unfortunately Labour is on course to have one faction.

JK, I never liked American 'football' but, having glimpsed your YouTube, I might be tempted! By the way, does having that on my computer count as porn?

"As someone else asked, how many middle-aged men do you know who have never had porn on their computers at some time?"

What is this "porn" that I keep hearing about? Is it something to do with Mrs. May?

David, your occasional links to the NYT are sufficient to meet the porn criteria.

Bob, that'd depend. If you're talking "official champions" I suppose that'd be the Seattle Mist however, and just personally, I prefer either of the teams of Dallas Texas - the players are likelier to respond to fan mail.

Whitewall - That's precisely what I been trying to get acrost to these here furriners.

Merry Xmas, you rapists ...


Merry Xmas, you rapists ..

Thank goodness the definition of rape in this country is different.

JK, since the Bears are 3-9 this season, you've made a convert to the LFL.

Finally! Success! Bob.

Eh, David?

I recall your mentioning wanting a book about US Grant.

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