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Wednesday, 20 December 2017


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What a coincidence. The Trump administration is also ensuring that only lawyers sympathetic to the government will be appointed as judges. Despite his promise to only hire "the best people":

"President Donald Trump has nominated more unqualified judicial appointees than any other president so quickly into his first term, a whopping four out of 58..."

Small world, huh?

You mean, Bob, like Obama only ever chose constitutionalist judges to the higher courts?

Duffers you are a very mischievous fellow provoking SoD in that way...

I hope you've already ahd your christmas books.

David, Trump certainly has the right to nominate judges of his, or the Federalist Society's, choosing. The difference is Obama's nominees had been vetted, and no official nominee had a “not qualified” rating.

Provoke SoD?! And receive yet another baroque masterpiece of infinite meaning based mostly on reports in 'The Graun' - yeeeees, quite!

Bob, 'qualified' is a judgment call and I can only record my impression that Sotomayor & Kagan sound like a music hall act!

David, qualification is only a judgment call in the broadest sense. The American Bar Association gives its rating by reviewing the nominees' histories as lawyers and judges. One of Trump's nominees had no court experience at all. It's contrary to right wing orthodoxy, but not all things are political or a matter of opinion.

"not all things are political or a matter of opinion"

Oh yes they are, er, well, maybe not stamp collecting!

Funny how the US constitution embraces political appointment of senior judges - Trump's turn atdoing this having been greatly encouraged by yourself - and no-one bats an eyelid.

So listen here Yankee-doodle-dandees, before you follow the path of righteousness and sign up for EU membership which I know you're dying to do, you'll be needing to implement a proper separation of powers in accordance with that established principal of democratic republic.

And straighten those cucumbers.


SoD, I'll have you know the United States grows the straightest cucumbers in the world. Also, our GMO bananas are never bent and repel monkeys and spiders.

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