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Friday, 08 December 2017


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despite anything a British prime minister might do or say!

After the fall of France it was only Britain and the Commonwealth that stood against Hitler until the US joined in after Pearl Harbour. Given that situation it was tremendously important that the British Prime Minister would not even consider peace with Hitler unlike Halifax so your final premise is not correct. A more timid man than Churchill may have thrown in the towel.

Churchill’s voice and rhetoric I think would have made the difference.

I think under another PM Britain would have sued for peace. It was far from clear that the will to fight was there and it was largely Churchill who kept the show on the road.

Gentlemen, I think your fears are overdone. The day the premiership changed, German tanks were already on their way to the Channel. There was no-one in Britain, except for a few 'Mosleyites', who would have contemplated surrender. Remember, the Dunkirk evacuation was only just over two weeks away! The die was cast, even if it was Hitler who cast it! Yes, Churchill's rhetoric was uplifting but rhetoric is all it was!

Duffers, as an internacional actor myself, (Widow Twanky in the British School panto, Caracas1988) I am surprised you belittle the power of rhetoric. Look what it did for Obama!

Wars are usually on two fronts: the battle field and the home front. Rhetoric of the calm, firm and steady kind is needed for the people at home. No one was better at it than Mr. Churchill. On the other front, capable generals with workable plans are needed to give the PM, President or whomever, enough confidence to speak to the people. When the general's well crafted plans go sideways as lead starts flying, that is when the ultimate war fighters- sergeants- step up along with capable corporals who ultimately win the thing.

Mr. Churchill had the ability to speak like a sergeant but in a calm steady voice. A nation of tough capable "corporals" was eager to hear and to fight.

A common saying is "90% of life is showing up." Churchill did it brilliantly.

Timbo, darling, I had no idea that your were a fellow 'thesp'!

I do not deny the importance of rhetoric but in the end it is those bloody "events, dear boy, events" that really count.

Eh, David?

JK, thanks for that link to Ms. Hotta's book which I have instantly added to my Xmas wish list for SoD's attention! Should he fail in his duty, I will treat myself because it looks like a corker!

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