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Thursday, 14 December 2017


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I'm sure you're right that Trump is doubtless preparing an incredibly toxic dossier against half the dem establishment. However rather than a shitstorm I would expect him to use it to own them, and drive through his agenda whatever it may be. Which might be a good thing and might. Not be. I personally think a shotstorm would be preferable. I suspect we'll just get more squalid politicking


I noticed down on that 'Moore Piece' of David's that you'd linked to a Snopes "Fact-Check" which uhmmm intrigued me because, as it happens, some time back when both John Kerry and John McCain were - narrating - a storytelling I knew to be false ... well anyway as it happened at the time I asked another blogger friend who, I know to be completely reliable, dogged too

Anyway, in the course of that investigation I'd been sent some screenshots (because I do not "do social media" myself) of - I'll not say which because, I wouldn't wish its present content changed on my account; but Bob, you might find yourself "interested" in a particular Snopes "investigator's" background - and one *Friend* in particular.

Awhile back Bob there appeared in [some] media accounts of a group working Syria. That group was monikered "The White Helmets" ... you'll need Bob scroll downaways to find that mentioned group but its there:

"But JK," Bob I hear you say, "Why mention the *Friend*?"

Patience Bob:

Ms Bethania Palma Markus may have some issues too Bob. (She of Snopes I mean.) One must be keerful these days Bob.

If you happen to stroll by...

David you are describing part of the Obama legacy when it comes to government agencies. You can add the EPA-Environmental Protection Agency to the above. It is not unheard of for pols to politicize a part of government from time to time, but Obama's politicization turned into "weaponized". These agencies are slowly being exposed and defanged, thus the smell and noise from DC. A lot of corrupt people are being exposed in the process.

Within all this is a conspiracy by corrupt FBI at the highest level as well as the former Justice Dept, the DNC and the Hillary campaign to fix an election and after the shock of Her losing...undermine the duly elected new President. They used the intelligence agencies and their media to conjure up a Russia narrative. She didn't win so the Earth shall be scortched.

Hillary and Her backers will either be exposed and brought to justice or there will be unimaginable trouble to come.

JK, I can't follow your logic, but did a news search on Elizabeth O’Bagy and found she's a topic for all kinds of conspiracy theories on right wing blogs and "alternative fact" outlets.

There are a lot of people, both left and right, who only look at "news" they agree with. David believes that everything about Democrats or "liberals" is corrupt, criminal, immoral and so on as seen in the above post. I'm reminded of the lyrics of a rock song:

Some people see
What they want to see
Claiming victory
Ah, but that's not me

Next year the American right is very likely going to get an indication of how much they live in their own reality.

It is clear from the information leaking out of the FBI that there is a major problem there.
It is also clear from the fact that it is leaking out that there is someone inside who wants it solved.

Slowly and surely, the US government machine will grind into action to carry out the orders of its new president. Obama and the rest of the democrats are going to learn that "what goes round, comes round".

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