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Friday, 12 January 2018


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Really, I guess, nobody is going to attack Great Britain. Great Britain like all the rest of the West is being attacked from within, and, with alarming success. Jet fighters and tanks are of little use in this internal war. The first enemy is bad ideology. The second enemy are bad politicians.

Of course David, I'm terribly apologetic over this:

(Perhaps SoD'll fork over the money?)

A new combined formation... Hmmm. It might work out if the formation in question could be induced to stop punching the crap out of itself! Over to you, Lawrence...

"what, exactly and precisely, are our armed forced for?"

Well indeed. Whilst not being in your league as a scholar of all things military, I must take the reader back to a time - long, long ago - when as a trainee fellmonger in Bermondsey being paid the princely sum of £6 per week, I took the Queens shilling as a TA oik (2 Par/Croydon) to receive £38 per month as long as I turned up once a fortnight for evening drill & once per month for a weekend with the regulars for "exercises".

One such exercise was a weekend was where we oiks were dropped off Magilligan Strand (NI) in the company of Regular Paras. Whilst circling ready to deplane the TA oiks were given orange (orange mind you.. in NI..) arm bands with no explanation (& no exceptions as to whether or not we should wear said armbands).

Upon landing ( in shallow-ish) water we arm band wearers were nonplussed to encounter the defenders - all RMC - who took delight in ignoring the arm band wearers whilst getting really stuck into the regular Paras.

All good fun - if you were a bystander - but it takes a big leap for me to imagine the Paras & RMC as compatible military units.

Happy Days......

David, a fascinating comment which raises several questions. What is/was a "fellmonger"? Also, what was "2Par/Croydon"? Actually, I began my, er, less than distinguished military (non)career in the TA but my lot were a Para Engineer Squadron and the only think I learned, the hard way, was that building Bailey Bridges is/was the worst job in the British army!

what, exactly and precisely, are our armed forced for?

Simple. To kill/beat the shit out of anyone silly or ambitious enough to have a go at you.

I fear though that Whitewall is largely correct and that our greatest enemy is within the gates. A combination of incompatible cultures and weak kneed politicians bodes no good and may lead to serious "blood in the streets".

Well AussieD I'm a bit unsure when we're pulling from David's "what, exactly and precisely, are our [military assets] for?" because - from here - it looks to be something of another color:

I haven't in awhile gazed on England's currency (folding money) but over here I'd put it that, David's MoD is going for the green!

G'day JK.

According to one set of rankings for military strength the UK sits at 9. No surprise the US is at 1. Oz is at 15th.

It would seem that the UK pollies are like pollies just about everywhere in failing to spend enough on defence and downsizing to show they are fiscally responsible. When the shit hits the fan they beat their chests and let the regulars hold the line until they pull their useless fingers out and start to scale up to meet the crisis they have, through neglect, largely created.


Bloody hell what a coincidence! I think you mean 2 Coy of 10 Para? They were / are based in Croydon. I was an oik in 3 Coy Finchley.

When were you in?


That's an interesting concept for a book: There were a lot of interesting rebs and characters around in the late 70's / early 80's.

Perhaps it's the case during periods of out of control governments and over zealous authoritarianism: rebs and characters of all persuasions abound. They're kinda squeezed out of the ether by the shear oppression.

In which case, it kinda explains the charisma of the folks we've got in charge all points West these days as we bounce along the bottom of Nolan's chart.


Ref Paras and RMC.

I've often wondered about the "one trick pony" or pidgeon holing the Brit army goes in for. A unit for this, a unit for that, a unit for the other. Has the affect of creating great rivalries and siloed knowledge, which ain't great for cooperation.

The Jerries famously trained their tankies as infantrymen first, then tankies second, during WWII. This had very positive results for combined arms operations, the essence of Blitzkrieg and Panzer / Panzer Grenadier divisions. Everyone knew what everyone else was doing and capable of doing, and was better able to coordinate and work as a team.

Forced transfer of individuals between regiments of the same ilk as the individual's regiment (paras and marines, infantry and tankies, and everyone should do a spell in the artillery) would achieve many things: -

- Better all arms cooperation
- Reduced over-egged rivalry and self-conflict
- Better ability to form ad hoc units out of remnants (Kampfgruppe)
- A more interesting career for the soldier (each one his / her 007 able to pick up any weapon and wield it!), therefore, better retention.
- Improved leadership candidates - those moving up the ranks to combined arms leadership roles already pre-trained and experienced.


Well, lets see.... Paratroops with no aircraft to jump out of; Marines with no ships to sail in. Why not just scrap both lots?

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