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Monday, 01 January 2018


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Who would have guessed you have such an imaginative sense of humor, David? Even so, given the zeitgeist and all, I wouldn't rule out any of your predictions.

Hmmm. Now that's what I call a long-range forecast.

Surely Trump will go one better and become multigender.

Well, you read it here first!

February, March and November...there went the neighborhood!

Eh Bob - July?

Then - so far as your choice of month David

(Accolades to your Chief Archivist?)

Well, that all seems quite reasonable - except for JK.
Not this year I fancy.....

18 November 2011 David?

Oh no, yet another creepy coincidence-thingie! Just a couple of days ago I skimmed past some article claiming that Lou Reed was a really nasty bit of work and I was desperately trying to remember why the name rang a bell. Thanks to my 'Master' Archivist (er, that's a promotion, JK, but alas there's no more money) I have been whisked back six years to the day that I heard his best record. Sorry, JK, but I didn't go much on the one you just sent through, I have a feeling he was a one hit wonder.

Okay then David.

Then again David.


Giving him the benefit of a doubt, you've got to hand it to Pat Boone for having the sense of humor to try metal rock. I guess. If you're interested here's the original band:

Well Bob,

I knew which tune was required (and was aware of the genre - ignorant of "who" to youtube admittedly) and so knowing David's "tastes" upon espying Pat Boone well ... the rest is History as they say.

Cold up your way Bob? Arkansas' got its collective ass hankering for that there global warming you Climutterers is always on about.


It's colder than a well digger's keister. I shouldn't be so serious, but that doesn't have anything to do with global warming:

Evidently Typepad isn't smart enough to size down graphics. If you're interested, right click on the map and select "view image" or your browser's equivalent to see the whole thing.


Did your "If you're interested" seem prophetic to ya?

May be that the cold is affecting more'n just us Arkianese.

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