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Saturday, 06 January 2018


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Wolff has, to his credit, written articles that were critical of people right across the political spectrum in America. But now he appears to be making statements to the BBC about "bringing down the presidency".

Wolff obviously made most of it up. In the excerpts I read, he writes as if he were party to private conversations, and even to the main payers' private thoughts and motivations. [The next bit is solely for our American readers...]

Tony Blair has accused Wolff of lying, and when a gentleman and respected elder statesman of such integrity accuses one of dishonesty, then as far as I am concerned, the case is closed. Now, do any of you chaps want to buy a big bridge over the River Thames...?

I thought the book was called "Fire and Fury"?


Don't miss the point. Michael Wolff is making tons of Yankee greenback dollars with this book. He is not a journalist. He is a gossip and fantasy writer, which he will openly admit. He does claim some of the book is factual, but I've yet to see any of his facts that haven't already been reported, at least in a general way. All those who oppose Trump, Republican or Democrat, left or right, are in a drunken euphoria. You've got to hand it to Wolff for seizing the day.

To be fair, Trump has long used the supermarket tabloid 'The National Enquirer' to carry his political water. Live by tabloid trash, die by it:

Trump the “stable genius”. I believe he is, as he is. It is 90% of official DC and the MSM that have gone stark raving mad! He has triggered them into the open!

David, just plead 'old age' if you have to! Gets 'em every time.

'he's not quite 16 annas to the rupee'!

Down here that is either;

"a sandwich short of a picnic" or "a couple of sheep short in the top paddock"

I have always taken it to mean 'not quite pukka'!

Whiters, I thought that Mr. Ed was the stable genius!

I'll see myself out.

Timbo: Haha, good one sir!

Well, I'm sure he's a very nice man and kind to his dog but - really, he is bloody ugly, isn't he?

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