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Tuesday, 02 January 2018


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The Russian people are a sad bunch. For centuries they have lived under poor rulers, pathological dictators, hapless drunks and now a bald head murderer who must feel like he will live forever and needs enough stolen wealth to do it.

Maybe the Rooskies will get a peep at Iran today and figure some things out, if they aren't too hungry and drunk.

"Fair enough, I suppose, given that Russia has always worked with variations on this theme but I can't help wondering what will happen when ... the Russian 'peeps' wake up and realise that all ... the actual 'bread' has disappeared?"

Well, if the number of Russian "fillies" turning up in my Spambox is any indication David, I'd say you ought wonder no more.

Apparently, at least the younger females, they're looking to move to Arkansas!

(Which, I reckon is an improvement on yesterdays passed when, all the Nigerian princesses were desirous of "these parts" apparently.)

JK, so that's where all the blue pills are disappearing too?

Nah Whitewall, as I cain't even afford the Her Ladyship bred an' borned right here in the premises (the Ozarks) it ain't me raisin' Pfizer's er, bottom line.

Talking of blue pills, JK, I sent an e-mail to your 'Yahoo' site - did you receive it?

As this geezer called Joseph de Maistre famously observed ...

"Every nation gets the government it deserves"

Seemingly as true at home as it is anywhere else, if you know what I mean ...



I've replied. Let me know here if you got it.

(Might pour a snifter of moon if'n anys at hand - "concise precision" isn't one of my strong suits [suites?]).

I know what de Maistre means but, as with so many things, SoD, I haven't a clue what you mean!

Received you e-mail, JK.

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