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Tuesday, 02 January 2018


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"Virtually all of athletics is utterly boring because you just know that really it's a competition between drug companies."

That's a bit classic for so early in the year.

In the case of American football it's a competition between super rich guys and their lobbyists even more than drug companies. It was more fun to watch before free agency and ripping off taxpayers to build indoor arenas.

All y'all naysayers ...

Be sure to be "listening" at precisely 3:27!

OK, JK, I'm convinced, Brazillian ladies volleyball has a competitor! Mind you, I didn't hear anything at 3:27!?

Maybe it's my age, but my swing isn't anything like theirs....

I like watching tennis and there's plenty of it going on in Oz at the moment so that's good.

David: Mind you, I didn't hear anything at 3:27!?

"Will be first ever Bikini Golf team winner here at Trump National."

Well you realize Ups, except for our David's vision whenever there's "appreciable bare female" real estate nearabouts; his sense of hearing seems the first to go.

Ah yes, JK, it has become noticeable. Perhaps now would be a good time to visit the friendly neighborhood Ascent Audiology store.

Was that a mars bar in the caddy's pocket or is he just enjoying his job?

Oh I see, Uppers, yes, I picked up that it was a Trump course but I was expecting something more USN-shocking, JK being an ex-matelot as well as a very naughty boy!

I like watching golf, played in Scotland. For the scenery.
I played field hockey - it was a wonderful stress reliever. Even my own team mates stayed clear once I was headed for goal.
Saying that, I will watch any sport if I am given good seats (preferrabley indoor box) with a good deal of alcohol.
The only game I enjoy watching on the telly is the Army-Navy football. I have been blessed 3 times to see it live. Bloody freezing. Go Army Beat Navy

Dear Miss Red, once again you demonstrate that you are a lady of taste and discernment by cheering on the Army over the Navy, er, but standby for incoming JK!!!

No problem Miss Red, I've taken a complete hiatus from watching any football this year. (Though perhaps I should've watched the Navy-Army game as I suspect at the very least that one didn't feature any of that despicable shit ... yes yes I know earlier I'd written that my service was [partially] rendered to allow the slobs to "take a knee" ... left unwritten at the time, But I do not have to watch it!) And so I've managed it!

I'll not even be watching this year's Superbowl.

American football becomes far more than just boring if you actually go to see it live. I believe it consists of four 15 minute periods and that can take 3 or 4 hours !
They have teams of up to 50 or even more and the one thing that might make it tolerable ,beer, is always that appalling chemical concoction that is virtually undrinkable to anyone who likes ale.
Soccer, rugby ,both disciplines and one day cricket can be exciting .I wish formula One was but it does seem to be a procession much of the time.

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