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Wednesday, 17 January 2018


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My feminine side? Every time I try, she seems to be on the phone with her girlfriend!

Plunging neck lines? I have some deep tee shirts. At the gym, some women like chests covered with hair and some don't. Seems to divide along age lines...older like it. My wife likes it, thankfully.

Shapely legs? I'm good there thanks to weight training and yoga. Again my wife approves. But suspenders and dresses would be a bridge too far! I can't very well sashay around the walking track like that. Must maintain an image you know.

Shapely legs, eh? I say, Whiters, what are you doing Saturday night . . . ?

Come now David, modesty does not become pioneers.

And, Barney's got a cousin in the litigation department whom, upon just a "wee consideration" I'd pass along to should you, wish to get back at that Iberian Pretender on tradesmarks grounds!

Left coast America is still in the lead. About 15 years ago I went to a music festival in Seattle and saw a lot of these:

Utilikilts? At least they aren't as foppish looking as that photo above!

If you happen by, did you happen to see this?

David, "shapely legs, eh?" I'll have you know that I am not your average "slapper"!

Regarding Senor Buggerlugs creations words fail me. Though to be fair it is not that many centuries ago that some of the toughest bastards on the planet dressed a little foppishly.

Bob not sure about "utility kilts" but some of the toughest people I ever met wore kilts. They also carried rifles with sharp pointy things on the end. I have one of their bonnet badges and crests framed on my office wall.

39C here today. Gotta love Melbourne weather as it will drop to the low 20's tomorrow.


The fellows you met probably weren't wearing hipster "man buns":


You'll be on the next flight I expect?

Bob the fashion among the blokes I met was definitely short back and sides.

Not bloody likely JK. I am definitely a temperate climate person. My experiences of really cold weather are not fondly recalled.

I can appreciate the sentiment AussieD however, you'll note the winds now come from the south? (Do check the 72 hours recent temperatures though.)

Are you quite certain Sir you prefer M'bin Australia?

There is, and nearby, a Melbourne Arkansas ...

Off topic ...

Macron gifts us a pic of the last time France invaded and trashed Blighty.

I'd say it's a bit of a sly joke really.

Perhaps we could lend him the Duke of Wellington's boots and hat in return.

Gifting states and peoples with artwork and imagery from the last time you scuffed them up might catch on.

Next time Merkel visits Israel: The gates of Auschwitz with "Arbeit macht Frei" woven into the metal work?


Oh yes, Whitewall, I loved it! I was originally annoyed at Cathy "What you seem to be saying is (insert the complete opposite)" Newman but she did give an excellent example of how people hear what they want to hear. Peterson was masterful in this interview, some say he was flirting with Cathy, but I disagree. She on the other hand became quite overwhelmed at a man displaying that power is about competence, not about the ability to knock people senseless (although it is an advantage in business :-)).

I think this interview should really be held up as an example of how your words can be spun to something utterly absurd, and some people's inability to argue their ideas has nothing to do with whether they think what they are being told they think and more to do with the fact that they cannot comprehend how the other person came to that conclusion.

And yes, Cathy, it was a compliment but not because he thought you were more like a man than a woman....

I thought of you Whitewall once again this week, with the interview about Shadow banning on Twitter? You can find it, by Project Veritas, showing that the left control what goes on Twitter.

I figured you had caught this interview, and I am not surprised that you have the thrust of it down pat! If it is okay to dismiss someone's words and replace them with your own words, thereby making sensible conversation impossible, then it will soon become okay for speakers to be banned from the public square or worse, shouted down with the hecklers veto. If thoughts and ideas can be stopped because they run counter to proper "good think", then the speech police will never have to bother thinking on their own and doing the heavy work of explaining in a rational way what they believe.

Thus it is an easy and "justifiable" jump for the likes of Twitter to engage in banning of speech they can't cope with. They do this out of fear, cowardice and just plain laziness.

"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities" Voltaire.

And to follow on from your comment, it is even easier to ban the speakers when you the speaker! Did you hear that he has had one of his talks cancelled in Edmonton?

Unbelievable. I have started his book, BTW, and I feel I have much in common with a lobster.

Banned in Edmonton? No I hadn't heard. Not surprised though. In my home state of North Carolina in 1963, our General Assembly passed what was known as the Speaker Ban Law. Its purpose was to ban Communist or even suspected commies and their sympathizers from state college campii. That act had the whole state in a dither! The academic left and actual true Liberals of the old school were slobbering mad but rank and file Democrats and most everyone else greatly approved of the act! The whole matter went to the courts and the thing was struck down as anti free speech! My how times change!

Mayfly...a word of advice. Avoid large pots of warm water ;)

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