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Monday, 15 January 2018


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That's a life well spent - brave and compassionate at the same time. It is enormously to his credit that he treated Argentinians (I can imagine conflicts around the world where the enemy injured are left to die, or worse) and also to the Argentinians' credit that they should acknowledge him.

It has happened many times that soldiers of totalitarian regimes had been told that the Americans and British executed POW, so that they leapt off of operating tables before they could be anesthetized and (Horrors!) contaminated sterile fields and threatened personnel with scalpels and whatever improvised weapons they could find.

So, no, it was not so remarkable that he treated enemy wounded. What is striking is that he jumped into cold water to rescue them from drowning. I'm as compassionate as the next bleeding heart conservative, but an absolute sissy about cold water. have been all my life. There are home movies from fifty years ago, silent, as they all were, then, but you can read my childish lips shouting "Oh, it's so cold!") The other kids just jumped in and made amusing movie scenes for the grownups. Not Michael.

Hello, Michael, you've been a.w.o.l. for a while and I was beginning to worry about you - but then I remembered you are a medic so need to worry!

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