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Thursday, 11 January 2018


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I have a problem with Hollywood "men" who were friends of, co stars with and even romantically involved with some of the women Harvey abused. A man worth the name would have intervened one on one or a least two on one against Harvey. Maybe Hollywood "men" only are men with a script and a director yelling 'action'.

And I thought sarcasm was the highest (lowest) form of wit, whereby cynicism leaves it standing. Way to go Duffers as our Yankee friends say.

When I lived in LA, I watched the Oscars. I knew people in the business. Since I left 30 years ago I watched it one or two times, but realized it was no longer part of any conversations I have here on the East Coast. I may tune in to see a dress or two.

Missred..."I may tune in to see a dress or two." (Me too).

Whitewall, the Holywood elite know what is going on in their circles and their plastic face jobs show this. The real working people are entitled to watch the movies with some enjoyment but have the right to ignore the plastic faces.

I thought everybody knew that aspiring actresses had to perform on “the casting couch”.

I have always thought that the Oscars and other self pleasuring award shows was largely based upon 'Buggin's turn'.
I agree with your comment re Private Ryan, just another war movie and although the opening 20 minutes was good entertainment, most of us have never been under fire like that so would have no idea how realistic it was.
The only man I met who was on the beaches said the overwhelming sensation was the terrible mix of noise and terror of being hit, he said he didn't have time to do much except hope it would be over!!

Hyam, I take your point but when the film was released I happened to catch an interview with a couple of old Normandy veterans and they both agreed that the opening sequences were about as realistic as you could get. Also, Spielberg was canny enough to use extras in those scenes who were already limbless which added considerably to the realism.

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