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Thursday, 18 January 2018


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Whhhelll! AussieD, you tax payers there are unmatched in your generosity?

The Clintons are despicable for a lot of reasons, but the latest investigation is politically motivated and will probably amount to nothing. The statute of limitations on most federal felonies is five years, and Bill left office in early 2013. That's why the attempt to involve Hillary, which otherwise makes little sense legally, as far as real/fake (take your pick) sources are concerned.

The investigation is something to talk about besides: The Trump administration has already had 4 indictments and 2 guilty pleas resulting from Russia probes. The investigations continue to tighten and have even annoyed some of the right wingers in the House, though it might just be because it gives them a chance to dance on Bannon's political grave. Muller's probe will probably be going public just before the mid-terms, and no one expects it to be flattering to Trump.

Gillard was a total disaster from day one.
She and Hillary are sisters in many ways - none of them good.


Perhaps politically motivated but, look elsewhere other than Trump (or associateds) as the formal investigation kicked off May of 2015.


You're right. The investigation started last year as an offshoot of one looking into Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe, a former Clinton bag man and foundation board member.

Well Bob,

Two of Arkansas' three field offices reported opening review of pertinent [that means "at this physical address" Bob, JK] documents to begin May 2015.

You may, may not realize Bob, field offices are capable of initiating investigations without "official [hq] request."

See Senate Select Intelligence Committee findings, from the 101st Congress S-101-46 published July 1989. (Page 9 if memory serves ... which generally, does.)

To make it easier Bob, wiki the name without the quotes punctuation,

"Frank Varelli"


You know a lot more about that kind of thing than I do. Supposedly the Republicans had about 60 investigations ready to go if Clinton won, which is what they expected. That just might be some of the "politics as usual" most people are sick of.

Well Bob if it'll help (or not) include me among the most.

I knew from day one, the clinton foundation was a ruse

What's the Aussie equivalent of the old American saying, "Heavens to Betsy"? On second thoughts, better not ask!

Better not to ask Duffers as it is not for inclusion on a refined site such as this. Contains frequent references to carnal acts and some despicable traits though it can be reduced to a quietly muttered "Bugger me" expressed with complete incredulity.

Compared to the Clintons the "Ranga" a.k.a Julia Gillard is an amateur but still as dodgy as a $3 note

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