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Wednesday, 24 January 2018


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Interesting, to me anyway...

I so vaguely recall sort of ‘thinking’ out of the side of my head (it was a while ago, may have been around the time of the Lisbon treaty, or some earlier frankly bullying but poorly apprehended putsch) that these EU aggrandizers are just going to push their luck too far.

Not at all because of political maladroitness, ignorance or arrogance. Everyone does that. We all carry that virus. But just because there actually is such a thing, able to be witnessed in history, as the straw that (viewed retrospectively) actually broke the camel’s back. Too late now, I fear; a psychological Rubicon has been unknowingly and witlessly crossed, the die is cast, positions are entrenched, injustice must be done.

In my ‘vision’ or ‘reverie’ it all kicked off in the Basque country. Cranky, passionate, malleable and unreasonable locals, bonkers enough to kick back viciously. Doesn’t particularly have to be there, of course. Substitute Catalonia, some ferocious Balkan statelet, maybe somewhere in Eastern Europe reckoning we’ve just had umpty years of socialist shite; we actually know what it’s really like and we don’t want any more…and we never actually thought that much of your flabby duplicitous ‘values' anyway. Who knows? Whatever, guaranteed to surprise, not necessarily on the upside!

Shame we’re governed by relative morons. As a result, it's odds on a lot of people will misapply their intelligence, live stunted and dismal lives or die untimely, quite possibly violent deaths as a result. Well done.

All because of political failure, or more specifically the moral bankruptcy of a political class who in their troughing entirely forgot what their job was. Silly sods only had to pay lip service anyway...

Ahoy AussieD

There's another 400 pages or so should you need (want) it. I'm reckoning not.


"Whoever has visions should go to the doctor" - Helmut Schmidt

The Czechs have the Bumpkin vs Bohemian problem too. There's nowhere in Europe that doesn't, or anywhere else for that matter.

Shame there's no great power still in the EU to lead the rebel power base and challenge the leftish status quo through the existing mechanisms of the EU. With 15 or more out of the 28 states onside, and the EU executive being, as it is, selected by the heads of state, Juncker and co could be ditched in favour of a rightist agenda.

So now the incumbents can only be challenged, if they are seriously challenged at all, by a combination from the outside and by leaderless, hopeless, and desperate micro-states whose means will likely be to turn to terror.

So I agree, violent conflict is more likely since June 23rd 2016 than it otherwise would have been. And we will be dragged into it, as usual.


"With 15 or more out of the 28 states onside, and the EU executive being, as it is, selected by the heads of state, Juncker and co could be ditched in favour of a rightist agenda."

No SoD, I really don't think so. Unfortunately as usual you ignore the institutional raison d'etre of the EU which is to centralise government of the whole bloc deliberately and explicitly to sideline democratic national governments.

There is no way that can ever be compatible with the kind of limited government free trading solution 19th C liberals like me would like to see.

You would say the the British government has lost sight of this desirable outcome as well, and you would be correct. However apart from a nasty blip in the immediate post war period the general tendency in the UK has been to be decidedly less bad than our continental friends in this regard, and I absolutely contend there is a better chance alone than hooked in with the Junckers.

But yes, quite possibly a bumpy ride ahead. But it won't be our fault.

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