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Friday, 05 January 2018


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"Needless to say, like so many Englishmen before and since, I instantly turned into a desert-lover!"

Do you mean that you developed a fondness for the terrain, or that you turned into a smouldering Omar Sharif type?

Twitter use should be banned for top level government officials, except possibly press secretaries. It lets them broadcast any ill-considered, harebrained notion. Sad!

Well ... let us hope that Messrs. Trump and Bannon are so involved they ignore the Erdogan part of the "Twitosphere" over at least, the weekend.


(let's hope too that that Turkish Iranian link is the old landline laid down in the early 1970s!)

I can just picture Corporal Duff astride his camel!

No, no, 'W', more a 'Lawrence of Arabia' type, I like to think! Actually, he had it easy swanning around on the back of a camel, all I had was my army boots and let me tell you walking across desert is diabolical - stretches of shale, then stretches of loose sand that lets you sink in to the ankles, and then stretches of small rocks packed closely together so that your ankles are constantly being twisted. The only good thing was that no-one was shooting at me!

Should have joined the RN mate. Far more civilized. Or the Royal Marines :)

Can anyone give any reason other than oil to explain our involvement in the Middle East? Now that the USA has given recognition to Jerusalem as the Israeli capital perhaps it is time Israel joined NATO. That would stir things up.

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