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Monday, 15 January 2018


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Just like the new American embassy in London, it's got a bloody great chunk missing from it. Is this a new American fashion? Is it so the boss can park his car uder the overhang and not get wet on his way to the office?

As for "ascension, hope and what ordinary people have the power to do together.", do the "ordinary people" include the deplorables?

Duffers - can't help comparing and contrasting today's featured personalities - gallant Naval sawbones and O'bama.

How sad that history will likely only remember one of them, and that will be the eminently forgettable one (if he were to be judged on his merits and achievements (wot, them?) rather than his (not so much black, as non-white) skin colour.

I visited the Reagan library in California. A quite modest if sprawling one storey building. Very nicely laid out with lots of staff, who all wanted to tell us how much they liked the sainted Margaret. Unlike Obama's, you were unlikely to be mugged in the car park.

Looks like Obama's "library" could easily be fitted up as a mosque if need be. Bill Clinton's Library is complete with a massage parlor I hear. George W. Bush's Library I am told comes with the most impressive collection of Cliff's Notes in America.

Mosque Whitewall?

More the Juche Tower I'd suggest, you know, the ediface alongside the Taedong.

JK, the Juche Tower is much more phallic. The Obama structure seems more enveloping.

But the waterway Whitewall Sir, the waterway! (Very nearby.)

Ah so it is JK! Cold as hell as well.

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