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Tuesday, 23 January 2018


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In the 1970s there was a small-state pro business political party in Denmark which had a radical solution to the "Russian threat". Its defence policy was to spend two hundred kroner on a tape recorder that played a tape saying "We surrender!" in Russian. The rest of the defence budget could then be diverted to other departments.

Take heart David, it all depends on how you define "major military power with global reach". Brits have been exceedingly good at intelligence; decrypting the Zimmermann Telegram during WWI, forming the Ultra signals intelligence group during WWII, and so on. There's a new theater in play on the internet where Brits could lead again, though they'll have to make do without Corporal Duff.

I am not disheartened, Bob, I am relieved that the dunderheads who run this country are no longer able to despatch servicemen here, there, and everywhere for no discernible purpose.

Gavin Williamson studied what?! Sounds like he might be adept at "conflict resolution" theory. The Russians are discovering how expensive a large military can be while the EU is threatening to form its own army for something. No doubt a missile defense system is in their near term plans. Again, Britain's most dangerous and long lasting threats are at home and within all the institutions.

Bob's point about specialized operations and aspects of "new warfare" are spot on. Cpl. Duff or no.

Duffers - overspent? I don't thinks so! Misspent, absolutely.

Unfortunately the periodic strategic defence reviews are nothing of the sort, merely ways to divvy up an ever shrinking pot while maximising bangs (measured in terms of jons in ministers' constituencies or at worst in BAE in general) for the buck (as in passing the buck for the progressive and disgraceful degration of Britains ability to project force).

Ministers being unable to despatch Tommy hither and yon on pointless missions would be a good thing if they could at least still do it when it is absolutely necessary. Not being able to do it at all seems like an abrogation of their responsibilities.

Hanging Tony Blair would be a good way to bring them to order.

By the way, Inshare you lack of trust in the new def min. He seems as useless as all the rets of Mays government.

If only we were governed by a supranational anti-democratic bunch of megalomaniacs, drunks and incompetents - things would be so much better.


Eh ... Whitewall?

"The Russians are discovering how expensive a large military can be."

Bit of an understatement there idn't it Whitewall, training's not cheap?

The present threat to the UK is Jihadists being allowed in and the looney tune free movement mob... The British Army is struggling to recruit mainly because of high employment and employers not encouraging employees to join the reserves... the army sacked so many and closed down reserve units they are now offering ex soldiers to return with large cash inducements. Unfortunately when moreso men leave the army they get unfit and fat bellies and are in no mood to go through the physical again.
National service should be on the table again with CPL Duff taking parade.

JK, maybe one of our errant ships ran in to the damn thing? Thought maybe it was a light house or something. Diesel subs....isn't that sort of 1960s?

Jimmy, "National service should be on the table again with CPL Duff taking parade". Oh dear!

I was thinking that we should tell the Military that we don't have any money (in case they hadn't noticed). But then I noticed that Mrs May has found £40 billion for the EU. As the French seem so very enthusiastic for us to spend money on defending them, let's just re-direct that £40 to the MoD.


I think you are missing the point here.

For about half my adult life it has been blindingly obvious that we are not a global power. However, what should be equally blindingly obvious is that under the tenure of Cameron, May, Georgie Porgy and Spreadsheet Phil, is that today we cannot even defend ourselves. At 82,000 our Army is too small even to defend London. Our navy, with a surface strength of 19 warships, is too small and feeble to defend our solitary aircraftless aircraft carrier, let alone our sea lanes and half of those are f***ed due to mechanical problems and lack of spares. The RAF has shrunk from 30 combat Squadrons in 1991 to a mere seven combat squadrons today. (Correct me if I'm wrong, Lawrence.) Put it this way, the days of the thousand bomber raid are well over. If we scraped the barrel, we might manage ten! The reservist strength for ALL the services is a mere 84,540 (according to the 2015 figure) and whether on air, sea or land we probably only have enough ammunition to sustain two weeks of unrestricted warfare - if that!!

The only logical explanation I can come up with for any of this is that the drastic reduction in our strength is ENTIRELY deliberate, and is geared to a subservient role in a new, combined Euro force.
One thing's for sure. Unless there is a MAJOR change in policy. we can kiss the ability to operate independently goodbye. Over to you, Lawrence!

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