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Saturday, 20 January 2018


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Attempted murderers told that murdering their would-be victim is in fact murder.

Abortion has become a Sacrament of the Religious Left.

It beggars belief that such an Act is even required!

It beggars belief that someone could even consider killing a small defenceless human being. Smacks of the ethics of the Third Reich.


I'll get a link to the document ASAP.

And for you David;

Buy American - MAGA!

G'day JK

Looks good to me. It may also shake up the Social Justice Warriors who have worked their way towards the top of our command structure to re-concentrate their thinking back to training to kill our enemies rather than pay for sex change operations for some serving personnel. We have some very talented mid-rank Officers and a committed corps of non-coms who need to be, in the first case, promoted to "star/flag" rank and in the second placed back at the sharp end of their respective services.

US troops have been involved in joint exercises down here for years and any strengthening of the joint operational capabilities is a good thing. Only problem I see is that on US ships "Officer Country" is at the wrong end of the boat which is most confusing for those of us used to heading to the blunt end to find a drink. Yes I remember your ships are "dry".

Perhaps we could borrow Matis for a while to put some spine into our politicians.

It is bloody hot here and the sun is over the yard arm so a cold "frothy" beckons.

Your last sentence says it all, how low have we fallen?

Just noticed this in my early morning ramble David.

I suppose I ought explain (somewhat) how I came to notice the above - it was attached on the sidebar of this:

You do understand doncha?

"You do understand doncha?"

Er, well, no, actually, JK.

Your post of the 20th David.

I'd replied sooner but The Good Colonel's been having hisself an "inspection" of my computer files. (Apparently I've been overly critical of an entity I ought just "accept that's the way it is.")

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