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Thursday, 18 January 2018


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Lennie Bernstein is demonstrating his fisting technique to the court. "Jeez, that boy was so divine, I had to cover my eyes to prolong the action!"

"Furtwangler" seems a most appropriate name for someone prone to waving his dangly bits about.

AussieD wins.

“...we need to see more women on the podium. Once the gender balance shifts, sex should be less of an issue.”

Does that make sense to anyone? Why wouldn’t the women being abusive? Women gradeschool teachers are often involved in sex abuse cases.

The Bernstein photo is the look of anguish I get when I lose a large bass right next to the boat. My "stick" is a bit larger.

Here you have Riccardo Muti explaining what a conductor does. Worth listening to if you can avoid to laugh.

In case his english sounds too demanding you'll fing some very useful spanish subtitles.

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