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Friday, 12 January 2018


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Of course, any hopes of fast tracking a trade deal with our biggest customer has probably gone down the tubes.

Not universally. I knew it as "The News of the Screws". A sad loss to British journalism. ;-)

You are today's recipient of the Neville Chamberlain Ignominy award for services to appeasement.

One wonders at the reaction of the young lady if the reporter actually did make his excuses and leave. Especially if no money had changed hands.

The Donald showing up in London would be an existential threat to the European Left. Therefore they would feel justified to demonstrate and riot by any means necessary. It's not just the red left either. Moderate pols of many stripes would go wobbly in the knees at the thought of having to rise and speak the expected catechism when the PC Marxists point the "finger of conformity" at them.

Europe will need many "Trumps" if it is to survive this wave of cultural Marxism.

I think Lizzie should just invite him up to Balmoral without telling anyone.

"your new embassy is a joke that makes Battersea Power Station look rather charming!"
Don't think Trump had anything to do with the planning/building or designing of that monstrosity. Can't blame everything on him......well, unless you're a liberal.

No, no, no, Marty, this was all 'done and dusted' long before his 'reign', most of it, I suspect, during the rule of 'King Oberamarama'.

Actually, George Bush designed it!

George didn't build that!

The decision to move the embassy was made in 2008 under Bush II for security reasons. The Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations oversaw design and construction details.

Trump's hometown still has an infamous tabloid:

Bob, you are right to say that the *decision* to move the embassy took place in 2008 under Bush, however, everything else happened under 'Obamarama', including the ludicrously low price obtained for the old embassy situated in the swankiest part of London.

The new building cost $1 billion, paid for entirely by the sale of other American properties in London. Last month Trump-appointed Ambassador Woody Johnson called it a "bargain."

The amount Qatar paid for the old embassy wasn't disclosed, but estimates of its value varied between £300m and £500m. Even at the low end that ain't peanuts, pal.

Trump didn't make the trip because the mayor of London and several other Brit politicians made it plain he wasn't welcome. American intelligence estimated 400,000 turning out to protest, and he is very, very sensitive about people being unfair enough to not recognize the bigness of his greatness. I second your nomination for the Neville Chamberlain Ignominy award for services to appeasement.

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