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Sunday, 14 January 2018


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"I wonder if the same could happen to my sex drive?"
If it does, don't let it show up at the same time with a trip to the Globe Theatre!

Old stuff from the journalists at Watts Up With That?, Breitbart and No Tricks Zone:

Bob, I'm beginning to worry about you! You really must try and read more carefully, might I suggest a visit to Specsavers? The article can hardly be called "old stuff" given that it only refers to last year! Equally, it did not "prove that global warming is a myth", it only cast doubt on the decades old claim of the 'Warmers' that there existed a 97% consensus in 'scientific circles' that AGW was true. Well, last year 485 scientific papers disagreed!


Around here that'd be what is called "a twofer."

Politicians in this day and age are certainly a mixed breed.

Bob, Ups,

Now that is Science!

David, you obviously didn't read the link:

"The first time that Breitbart ran a NTZ based-story [the same picked up by WUWT?], numerous scientists listed in the report pointed out their their graphs had been digitally altered by NTZ to omit data, and that NTZ had either misinterpreted their papers or read them so superficially that the author of the post did not realize he was sometimes quoting from general background material and not the actual findings of the papers themselves."

You're just messing with me aren't you, you old rascal?


Well shut my mouth, are you an anti-corporate environmentalist? My advice is to roll with the punches. Another great thing about whiskey is we can use it to become one with nature: Polluted.

Ah yes, JK. Agree about the wishkee whiskey.


You might find that interesting/illuminating. Maybe both.

Wait till you hear about milkshake ducks!


The most interesting thing in the interview was the explanation of how the NY Times positioned itself on the news spectrum. I always thought it was too calculated. That's why I don't read it.


As 'just an aside' Bob, I've sometimes found myself wondering how it came to pass that, CNN's past host of Reliable Sources (a Sunday show) Howard Kurtz, formerly lauded "a fearless, unimpeachably honest investigator of journalistic practices" came into such disrepute seemingly instantaneously upon David's "former best friend Rupe" hiring Mr Kurtz away from CNN and putting him to host Fox' Media Matters.

Looks to me now that, it's CNN's Brian Seltzer swiveling his eyes, hair afire in self righteous indignation at everything.

Hell, ol' Howie's even gone so far as to put across his desk (figuratively of course) Hillary's former State Department Spokesperson Marie Harf.

Makes me need to barf!


You have higher expectations of the newz biz than I do. The wires are the closest thing to unbiased information. Newspapers all have a style and editorial position. Almost all news on TV is sensationalized in one way or another, just like everything else on TV. CSPAN is an exception, but a little goes a long way.

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