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Sunday, 28 January 2018


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David, if you had a clear and discerning eye for art instead of a bleary up too late eye, you would clearly see some fish jumping in that water. I do because I have an eye for this sort of detail! Fish a while, sit a while. It does intrigue...I'll get my rod and reel.

Arty farty number two. She is reading, he is wishing there was a body of water out that window.

I find those pictures intriguing. I wouldn't mind having them on my wall because they encourage speculation. The representation of the water is well done too.

Melania is a beautiful woman, and in many ways a perfect representation of present day America. Maybe it's only nostalgia for a more youthful and positive outlook, but this lovely first lady still seems to have had a more convincing glamor:

Yes, Bob, but it's a pity she didn't see what "a dirty rat" she married and after his demise she sought comfort in the arms of some Greek shipping zillionaire, I believe!

" ... and reply to the many letters I send her but ... "

JK to your rescue David!

- PO Box 96994
- Washington DC 20090-6994

*Hint - Include a check (cheque) north of £35.00 and, pretty quick, you'll have as many letters you desire - probably more.

*Hint #2 - Only open the perfumed envelopes.

Now-a-days of course, the Democrats have any number of beautiful women. Maxine, Nancy, Oprah, Hilary.....

Mike, well spotted! I, too, noticed that the sea was painted perfectly.

JK, what are you talking about, I can't have scented letters arriving here - apart from the 'Memsahib', what would the Postie think?!

BOE, pur-lease, 'the horror, oh, the horror'!

I think David, BOE's simply being a little bit facetious.

To gauge that I'd suggest a little "thought experiment" - experiments I think even Bob would have us, as Bob's always going on about Science-Stuff being the way to go whenever there's something in contention. Anyway, as to the experiment; relax, close your eyes and imagine

Maxine Waters in a bikini.

Perhaps more efficacious, Maxine Waters "doing the customary" ala 1980s Black's Beach California or, as you're perhaps more familiar - the French Riviera.

What are your preliminary findings now?


Bob? Science now:

"Given the substantial influence of attractiveness on social interactions and outcomes, it makes sense that attractiveness would further alter political interactions and beliefs. Yet attractiveness, beyond the elite level of political candidates, is rarely examined in political behavior. Our evidence shows that more physically attractive individuals are more politically efficacious. Further, we find that attractive individuals are more likely to identify with the Republican Party and more likely to be conservative."

The final "arty farty". She looks a bit sad as she is looking down at her cup. She also might be a bit cool as she is still wearing her heavy coat and seated near the radiator.

Uh, David, Melania also married a somewhat less than ideal rich guy. Don't let that stop the dream, though.


Studies have long shown that, on average, good looking people have an advantage in all walks of life. Republicans have included that in their marketing and got a big boost by running a movie star for president. They've also used pretty blondes as flacks since the 1980's, for example in the center of the couch on Fox and Friends. Higher income makes it easier to be attractive in a lot of ways, from health care to grooming to taste in clothes to education and verbal ability.

"Higher income makes it easier to be attractive in a lot of ways."

That took a study Bob? No shit?

That Hopper shown first is mesmerising. We have a print of one like it and it just draws the eye ,wondering where and who. Originals fetch up to $50m I believe, tricky decision but we tossed a coin and decided to stay with the print.

Nice feature on Hopper’s paintings. I believe the David Bowie album cover, The rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust is derivative of his style, although there’s too much detail in the image.

Thanks, Will, and yes, you can see the influence but you are right about the detail.

I like Hopper. I find his paintings mesmerizing.
It is Hockney who is the most boring artist on the planet.


I suppose we both belabored the obvious, huh? And speaking of Melania:

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