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Sunday, 07 January 2018


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AussieD, I have seen news reports that it has turned very hot in your part of the world?

I was serious with you gents and ladies yesterday, but have since had a good sleep and sobered up. Instead of the usual sparring I'll contribute a bit on how Yanks who consider themselves funny see Theresa May:


I've only the one Oz weather related site bookmarked but I think it'll link to where AusssiD is nearer. ('Bout 900 miles WSW AD?)

I'll be kinda busy the next few days fellows. Carry on.

JK, I read where some of their highway assfault was cracking open and buckling.

Yeah Whitewall, I saw it soon as I clicked the damn thing.

Gonna have to get the menial staff (SoD) to hitch up an "editing window" like Malcolm's got. (A'course everbody roun' here, pretty much, used to Arkianisms)

I use the Cairns BOM site constantly, of course, and it's very handy. Aussie D is in Melbourne, which is something like 3,000 miles south of Cairns.
We are closer to the equator and our weather is more stable, apart from the odd cyclone.
New South Wales seems to be the state getting the really hot weather but it's a dry continent basically.
We're fine in Cairns and have even had some rain in the past few days. Great for the rain forest!
We have great beaches around Cairns but you can't swim there lately due to the crocodiles and deadly jelly fish. Never mind. Most people have a swimming pool and I have my spa.

I'll leave it for now.

Y'all know my answers off by heart anyways.

The twisty, turny, Game of Thronesy, Brexit saga continues when everyone wakes up from their festive hibernation tomorrow.

There'll be enough fresh ammo in the magazines to bore everyone a new arsehole soon enough.

Can wait.


3000 miles south izzit Andra? From Cairns to Melbourne?

'Bout halfways that distance Andra I'd suggest stopping and asking directions.

Whitewall's concerns are to do with asphalt rathern' whaling.

Well, I've had another look at that. It's 3,000 kms - which makes it around 1800 miles.
We're all prone to exaggeration in my family! Sorry about that.

G'day Whitewall.

Sorry for the delay in acknowledging your signal been a bit busy.

Down here we are more prone to extremes in temperature than where Andra is. Up there it is either hot and dry or hot and wet.

Yesterday here in Melbourne it was 105 Farenheit [about 42C] whereas today is 25C. Can get down to single figures Celsius but not often.

JK we are 1251 nautical miles south of Cairns here in Melbourne. Actually it is 181 degrees [True]

Regarding Mme Fleurot ,the following might have escaped your attention,although I doubt it..

Good grief, Hyam, you can't spring that sort of thing on to an easily excited, elderly British gent in the middle of a Monday morning!

Wow! David I see what you mean about that video! Our yoga for seniors class doesn't move a bit like that.

Aye AD, Jeppesen compass set to 180° yesterday at 3000 nautical had me concerned Cap'n Andra had Whitewall set to Admiral (Chris) Turney's course.

Helmsman reported "Not impertinence Sir, concern. Ship's Master Whitewall was last reported aboard an American bass boat."

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