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Tuesday, 30 January 2018


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David, this is as good a summary as it comes:

Civil wars begin with politics but are ended with guns. Think about the tone you detected over at Carpenter's then multiply. The non coat and tie Right is well ready as always.

Well a[nother] good thing:

So not altogether bad I'd say.

Wise choice in Stras.

Whitewall, that was a good link and worth a read. Me and the mrs were having a laugh at how many workers!! would put in for annual leave if the President visits the UK midweek. The mad left usually have their gatherings on Saturday or Sunday then back to the pub for intellectual conversations followed by sex with vulnerable young ladies!

Trump's biggest asset is the quality of his opponents. No one likes a bad loser - especially when they are physically ugly as well.

BoE hit a bullseye. The SOTU speech was very good and upbeat. The image of the Democrat side, dressed in black, po-faced and sullen was, as they say, terrible optics.

It seems we have several reincarnations of Jeremiah about.
The kitchen sink has already been thrown at Trump and he's still standing.

So you got yourself banned from Carpenter's. That's what you get for trying to make heads explode over there. To give him some credit, you lasted a lot longer there than Peter G did here performing a similar, if less polite, act. I'd bet PM's down to about a half dozen commenters, including one of the better ones that usually only showed up to counter you or point out when Carpenter was wrong. PM isn't moderate no matter what he thinks. He represents the radical center, something I didn't know actually exists before reading his blog during the 2016 presidential campaign. Insofar as democracy is a conversation between opposing views, he is anti-democratic.

As for Trump, it will most likely just keep getting worse for him despite his defenders in congress:

Yeah, The Guardian is "fake", but you'll probably be seeing the story elsewhere.

Eh Bob,

Would you be the least surprised were I to tell you I know Cody Shearer?

Not a guy I was advised a long time ago, to sit with in a public bar or trust to pick up his own tab after the beers.

By the by Bob,

There's some small irony I'd suggest where Bosnia coincides with "She of the Recent Unmaskings" admitted some culpability to; "I didn't do it myself but, others in the administration may've forged my name."

And who would be that person?

Samantha Powers. She of the book whichupon I'd suggest, tells the irony in its mere title; A Problem From Hell. Any such book I'd further suggest, requires some number of quotable sources? Here's the NYT's review just on the offchance Bob, you're unable to simply pick up your long-stored copy and flip back to the appendix:

I'm pretty sure Bob, Amazon'll be able to locate you a replacement issue.

Speaking of Bosnia, guess who's name pops up?, yep, ya know it.

In 1998, Cody Shearer was the subject of a State Department inspector general probe. He (allegedly) conducted rogue negotiations that caused temporary diplomatic damage in Bosnia, according to documents obtained by through the “Freedom of Information Act."

Also, from 2011-2013, Cody Shearer assisted Sidney Blumenthal and former CIA operative Tyler Drumheller in preparing a series of informal intelligence memos for Hillary Clinton with regard to Libya.

Oh yeah Ups, that'd slipped my mind (as unlikely David might aver anything'd 'slip JK's mind). Thanks.

But I only returned to here in the interests of getting Ms Power's testimony before Congress precisely:

"Those requests to unmask may have been attributed to me, but they greatly exceed by an exponential factor the requests I actually made."

(I prefer Bob, you look up her testimony on your own, it is out there. It's just that Bob, in your hunt for that quote I'm reasonably sure you'll run across some other interesting tidbits. Mr. Mueller I certainly hope, has been similarly informed.)


I don't remember ever hearing of Cody Shearer before the story above, and The Guardian goes out of its way to repeat how controversial he is. That said, it doesn't matter how seriously I take him, but it does matter how seriously the FBI does, and he seems to have some independent, corroborating stories. I wonder who else is out there we haven't heard about yet.

James O'Keefe is a "controversial" activist on the right. Even though he's obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed, he managed to help bring down ACORN. That's politics in the U S of A.

Well Bob you did note my above ending "Mr. Mueller I certainly hope, has been similarly informed"?

Independent"? Corroborating"?

I suppose so Bob but, don't you find it the teeniest bit curious that, before Cody's "research" got to the FBI it first passed through the very fingers of the guy who personally passed both "research dossiers" into the evidence bin of the FBI? Of course I know Bob, even though I'm quite certain you'd never be one to accuse lil' ol' me of bein' a stooge in the InfoWars I worry others might not be likewise disabused of such a notion.

That's why Bob, you'll not be seeing any of my commenting Stateside instead and rather on this esteemed and internationally recognized paragon of neutral inquiry D&N!

I do wonder tho' whether Cody (first name basis see?) made it into the memo.


As I've written here before, I'm not an expert on intelligence sources or methods. But since Steele was investigating Trump it doesn't seem too unlikely he would have found out about Cody's claims. One thing everyone but the Trump cheering section agrees on is that Steele has an excellent reputation. For what it's worth I don't get the impression you're anything like a stooge, but I do detect a bias. No doubt you can spot mine, too.

I suspect I dislike the Clintons for a lot of the same reasons you do, but you can't make a believable claim there aren't at least as many dirty dealers associated with the Republicans. Any claim that all the investigations into the Clintons were legitimate is laughable.

"One thing everyone [..] agrees on is that Steele has an excellent reputation."

You're quite certain of that Bob?

Unfortunately the Republican dirty dealers seem to have missed on jobs with the FBI/DOJ!

You want another name, Bob, here is one Nelson Strobridge Talbott III.

Before you look him up. I'll give you a spoiler alert. He knew Clinton way back, 1970. He knew Cody as early as 1968. He is married To Cody"s sister, Brooke.

Brook passed away near ten years ago Ups - Huma Abedin took her place.


As an interesting aside from just a couple weeks previous to now I'd emailed some few D&N commentors (among them Ups, yourself) an obit which listed among other works history that, that recently deceased worked at the Pulaski County jail which, not altogether coincidentally sat on a parcel of Little Rock real estate abutting Cantrell Road across from which sat (at the time) an office where the then Governor of Arkansas "held court" - that person's office at the jail featured quite an extraordinary view from the windows of the comings and goings of various people "having business" with the then Governor.

It was from that office across the street from the Governor's office I was first alerted to the Cody guy and admonished "Watch out for that guy!" ("That guy' being one Cody Shearer.)

Were you Ups (and others here who received my email) intrigued to wonder why I might be present at that particular time - refer above to that Slate article's date and compare that month's publication to the recently deceased person's birth month.

Weird isn't it ... at first blush anyway. Easier perhaps to understand were y'all to be aware that, again at the time, there was a billiards bar just east of both the jail and the office named, if you can imagine it, Slick Willy's! Small world idn't it?

Thanks, JK, was'nt aware of her 2009 passing.

Cody would make Sidney look like a novice.

Slate article's date: Abit slow, JK, but finally made the connection, could be wrong.


Democrats claim the NY field office of the FBI, which has close ties to Trump supporter and Fox News fixture Rudy Giuliani, had it in for Clinton. Requests for information about activities in the office from the DOJ went unanswered as far as I know. They also claimed Comey's public announcements about Clinton email probes, which contradicted FBI policy, hurt her chance at election. Trump being singled out won't wash.

"In late 2002, after assuming the helm as senior team leader of the FBI’s New York office SWAT program, I formally met a young special agent and member of the team — Andrew G. McCabe."

James A. Gagliano

I've yet to read that. Ought be interesting to see whether Congressman Schiff's remarks immediately following the meeting hold water.

Guess we'll see for ourselves ...

Duffers I fear for western civilisation as a whole.

"Duffers I fear for western civilisation as a whole."
The damage being done is by our own hand by ever present destructive elements within.


A pdf:

Don't know how I'm gonna handle the few days hence when the expected rebuttal surely lands in my usual Sunday Shows ...

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