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Monday, 22 January 2018


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Frances McDormand, who I think is married to one of the Coen brothers, is (or can be) a truly superb 'un-histrionic' actress. I don’t follow this stuff much, and go to the movies even less than you, but I believe she kind of toes the usual career preserving political line. But no matter, talent will out. And I don’t actually think one should be so petty as to judge someone’s work by their vaguely perceived reflexive politics (you can though make an exception in the case of the hectoring and unattractive albeit talented Meryl Streep).

McDormand attained some popular fame in the original grand-guignol-esque 'Fargo' movie, which was just great. I think she was even better in an earlier trademark (quirky, dark, sort of humorous if you don’t mind pretty much every scumbag and a few innocents ending up dead, with a brilliant soundtrack) Coen brothers film, ‘Blood Simple’. It’s worth seeking out if you have not already seen it.

All the best

Buster, you seem to be a pretty smart sort of person.
What are you doing on this site?
Jest askin'..........

Why Andra! I'll have you know that some here could be considered "dangerous intellectuals"! Maybe even "closeted conspirators". Not to be mistaken for "closeted claustrophobics".

Well, Whiters, that's just scary.
I could be in the wrong place.

I rarely go to the cinema any more, but I'm going to catch this one on Sky Cinema for definite!

Thanks, Buster, for reminding me of the titles to those earlier Coen brothers' films.

Whiters, I have been a closet claustrophobic for years - GET ME OUTTA HERE!

Julia, and anyone else who sees the film, let me know what you think of it.

Peter Dinklage - who of course found fame in the excellent "Game of Thrones" which people miss to their detriment :-)

I want to see him play Iago, I think he would be superb.

I must confess to not having watched any "GOT". Maybe I should investigate if it isn't too loud or violent. If it is, I'll end up watching alone I'm afraid.

Oh, it's hugely violent. There's lots of nudity too. You should suggest that Memsahib might like an early night.

I would love to see "Three Billboards to the wind" but it will have to wait for dvd. Not the sort of film my other half would want to watch.

Well what a quandry! I am at an "impressionable age" it seems.

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