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Tuesday, 09 January 2018


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Oprah Winfrey might be most famous for giving away new cars during her talk show. If she'll promise to give every American a new car if elected, she'll beat the bejesus out of the guy famous for firing people.

Jezza and Oprah - how's that for a "special relationship"? I've heard he gets on well with gobby fat black women.

He got on top of a gobby fat wummin who has total loyalty to him. One thing about male lefties is they can quote Marx to wummin and their knicker elastic snaps.

Yes David, we do need to talk about America.

Take 'er away Mr. Brooks:

Enjoy that Bob!

I remember watching a Trump speech in the April before the election. I said at the time that he would make a damn good president and so far, I haven't been disappointed
He has his issues, but he's far, far better than your average career politico

Speaking of Trump speeches, I remember maybe his best was delivered in Poland in the middle of last year. There needs to be more of those types of speeches given in more locations throughout that part of Europe. Somehow, Europe must save itself from itself.


You might remember I commented Wolff's book was trash on this blog. All I'll say about Brooks is that, like a lot of other conservative intellectuals, he wasn't so critical of Fox News when he thought things were going his way.

Trouble with Trump is his hair. If that collapses in public , humiliation and mockery will see his demise because however good you are ,or perceived to be , it's hard to survive looking stupid.
There is a moment of hirsutus collapsus waiting to happen and when it does ......

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