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Saturday, 27 January 2018


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I actually think it is always the tech guys that win the wars Frank Whittle, Barnes Wallis and of course Alan Turing comes to mind
My maths teacher at grammar school, a guy called Rigby, worked with Barnes Wallis on the bouncing bomb.

Leave it to Kipling to tell some timeless truth! He knew how to tell a lot of it. It comes down to what are Britain's interests and where are Britain's interests?

David, I agree on the nuclear deterrent.

I doubt that many of those 'platforms' would last five minutes! It's boffins and swots and techies who will 'fight' the next major war

Who am I to argue with a Corporal [substantive] from the Paras however a Lt.Colonel of my aquaintance who has served as an infantryman all his career says "You only own/hold ground if you have a bunch of grunts with a serious attitude on it".

I guess someday in the future we will find out.

Seconded, AussieD

Richard and AussieD, I ask you to use your imagination.

Suppose - go on, just suppose - all, and I do mean ALL, the electronic links in your country suddenly ceased. Computers, traffic (air, train, road) controls all down. Communications via radio, TV, telephone - zero! Nobody obeying orders because a) they're too busy trying sort their personal lives out looking for food and a means to cook it because there is no electricity and b) because they have no means of actually *receiving* any orders! You, as Chief of the General Staff might wish to order the 1st battalion of the 'Royal Huff 'n' Puffs' to do this, that or the other but there will be virtually no way of sending the order!

Simultaneously, the 2nd Battalion of the 'Royal Huff 'n' Puffs' which, with great foresight (a rarity in high military circles!) might already be stationed in Europe across the path of any likely enemy advance. The enemy, of course, will already have that ground well and truly 'scoped' by the latest electronic gadgetry and weaponry, some of it in space, and in the unlikely event that the equivalent of Cpl. Duff sticks his head out of his slit trench, he will be zapped!

I exaggerate, of course, but not that much! The next *major* war will be utterly different from anything seen before. And if it is not a *major* war then we should not be involved. Sorry, but expressions like "You only own/hold ground if you have a bunch of grunts with a serious attitude on it" is sooooooooo 20th century!

Right, I'll get back to polishing my boots!

Of course, if you think the Russians will be the enemy, why do you think they won't be in the same fix? Also, the British army still has lots of horses, ideal for sending dispatches!

"Also, the British army still has lots of horses, ideal for sending dispatches!"

Now look here, BOE, I do the irony round here!

As for your implication that somehow, in some way, we will be able to bring the very latest, sophisticated electronic warfare techniques to bear on the Russians, just let me ask you how many REME squaddies it takes to change a light bulb?

Horses? Break out the tri corner hats!

And I must ask you to use your imagination as too, David.

If we, or/and our European masters, have blown all the defence budget on computers and computer wonks, leaving (in this country) only the Woodentops to perform those absolutely essential ceremonial duties outside Buck House, what in heaven's name are we supposed to do when Putin's merry men come storming through the Fulda Gap?

Just imagine, the only thing standing between us and the Russians is Windows 10!

The Rooskies are going nowhere now the Baltic-Med line is bristling with hi-tech javelin missiles and sniper rifles.

Anyone travelling in an armoured vehicles is toast if they come over that border.

And if they climb out of their vehicles and march over the border the thermobaric munition for the javelin will toast them too, along with the bristling array of hi-tech sniper rifles from Baltic to Med also.

If tough-nut grunts with attitude are so great, how come IS are getting pasted? If IS had spent all their time online with tech and social media converting western Muslim's into suicide bombers, instead of sitting in bombed out towns and trenches killing other Muslims and being killed by them, the West would've had a real problem.

Instead they went the low-tech, tough-nut, grunt with attitude route, and look where it got them.

The British armed forces are in the most deluded, corrupt, incompetent state in living memory. A friend of mine just finished a 6 month contract with MOD which was a none job. He literally sat there for 6 months doing nothing being paid contractor rates circa £400 a day.

At first he was puzzled. Why? What's going on? Then the penny dropped.

I wonder if any of you know or can work out why and what was going on? I'll give you a shot and then tell you.

C'mon Bob, you're public sector, spill the beans, I know you know.


Ok, here's why.

Five years earlier the budget holder won an increase in the budget for an HR project.

The project was bogus anyway of course, I mean, who needs HR in the armed forces? If you've got a problem there's your corporal, sergeant, CSM, and RSM, and even the Ruperts (if you can get them off the golf course) to talk to. Who needs yet another support function? Did the Waffen SS or Boney's Imperial Guard have an HR department when they were kicking arse on the battlefield, I wonder? But that's by-the-by.

The fact is the budget holder would lose the budget if the project ever ended. And no budget holder ever wants their budget, and all the perceived importance and power that comes with having a big budget, to shrink. So even though the project had ended, the budget holder claimed not, and kept spending the money in order to sustain the increased budget. Fake roles were created and contractors hired to fill them.

Who knows if the recruitment consultant earning 20% on top of my friend's salary wasn't a golf course mate of the budget holder, the recruiter splitting the fee between them in exchange for the repeat business?

That's our armed forces in a nutshell. A broken public sector rip-off.

Why? Because that's the way all licensed monopolies go.



It's true military organizations are the advanced world's foremost spendthrifts. That goes double for contractors.

Btw, I moved to the private sector when the Berlin Wall fell. Military contracts were cancelled wholesale at the time, including aerospace programs. I went into consumer electronics rather than working on a project that would have required an active TS at all times. I got tired of hearing clicks on my phone and having to fill out paperwork to leave town.

David's clearly onto something speaking up about tech's increasing role.

Go ahead and click on the slide to enlarge it - and I'll not even bother with the Fitbit™ mess.

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