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Monday, 15 January 2018


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David, I take it from the last one that the sting of losing still lingers?

Indeed, Whiters, but the good news is that I will save money going to the dentist because I have already ground my teeth to dust!

Well, it got a snigger out of me but I still want to know what you think about the milkshake ducks.
Apparently they are all the rage.

Milkshake Duck "is an Internet meme that describes phenomena that are initially perceived as positive, only to soon after be revealed as deeply flawed.[1][2] Oxford Dictionaries defined the term as "a person or character on social media that appears to be endearing at first, but is found to have an unappealing back story"?

Or am I quacking up the wrong pond?

Come on, Andra, put us out of our misery - what is 'a milkshake duck'?

David David David.


Ya gots to keep up with these things. Get a grip man!

You don't wanna be driven outta style now do ya?

Oh, Phuket!

Er, thanks, I think, for the Phuket News, JK, but I still have no idea what a 'milkshake duck' is!

This explains everything.

And I wish it hadn't - I'm losing the will to live!

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