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Monday, 08 January 2018


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This one should be added to the Monday funnies: A "minister for no deal" ...

You, me, the EU, and everyone, can see it's a pathetic bluff ...

Asa "Peanut brain" Bennett thinks otherwise ...

The only way a "No deal minister" would have worked was if the appointment had been made, budget assigned, a couple of years planning, BEFORE article 50 was triggered.

Appointing someone now is like laying your cards on the table and then announcing you're bluffing.

The only caveat to this is: Might May be counting on the article 50 triggering being actually illegal? So when the time comes, if she has to reject the trade deal, Blighty doesn't get chaotically dumped into "no deal" on March 31st 2019.

Having a minister in place now might lay some very basic groundwork which could be extended for another couple of years after March 2019 while Blighty is still in the EU due to the void article 50 trigger.

In effect, Blighty uses the illegal article 50 triggering from March last year as a means of seeing the opponent's hand, and then voids the game if it looks too strong!


Oh, and look at that - we're out of the gloomy festive traps and into the first of the fresh Brexit ammo!


I think you are quite right SoD, there's no doubt May and all the rest of the sorry shower are conspiring to keep us in the EU, and as a result of their efforts there is a non-zero possibility we will end up with the worst of all worlds, which is that the frequently obnoxious but even more frequently correct Dr North might turn out to have been right all along.

Still "these are turbulent times and the unexpected is always just around the corner" to coin a phrase, so it is important to keep up the pressure on the bastards.

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