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Friday, 23 February 2018


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paging Sir Humphrey

It seems always and forever a German is loose in the works of Europe?

It's a bit cynical to suggest that the Euro-Army will be used against European countries. First, they will offer the recalcitrant country a series of referenda until they get the right result. Then they will handsomely bribe some plausible-looking "patriots" to run their own country on behalf of Europe. Then will come bribes in terms of infrastructure and generous repayment terms. Only then will the military be deployed.

He has a touch of the Uriah about him.
Heep that is.

He has a touch of the Uriah about him

Uriah the Hittite preferably. Left on his own to confront the increasing hostility of the "subject" nations.

I wonder, given his workaholic nature he might find some time to help HMG pull together something resembling a Brexit negotiating position, sort out Blighty's armed services and state "apparat", dysfunctional, negligent, corrupt, abusive, murderous that it is?

And ref the EU army, YOU did that. YOU caused that to happen. It would not have been possible with Blighty still in the EU.

"Innocent / stupid"?


Selmayr is a German. The Germans have an unparalleled record for cocking things up. After Brexit we can keep our distance while they screw things up.

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