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Saturday, 17 February 2018


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Many countries interfere or try to. We also, not so subtly at times, interfere in elections of other countries. In the US, no nation interferes more than Mexico. Putin is consumed with hate for the West, especially the US, because his country fell down and went boom! As long as he is alive, this meddling will continue and the "new media" platforms are tailor made for him and/or, those who want to censor non leftist speech and opinions. These censors and Putin have much in common.


The reason for the difference in extraditing Russia Citizens and British subjects is the UK has a working Extradition Treaty with the US and Russia doesn’t.

To prevent false flag actions there are several laws that require registration and reveling the employer/client. If you are an agent of a foreign government you must register, while not its original intent, this has become is the primary anti espionage law. The prosecutor just needs to show the employment relationship not what secrets were passed on. The election campaign laws males it difficult one party to pay someone to claim to support the other and say stupid thigs. I think Mrs. Clinton and the DNC have a potential problem.

But really, I think what is happening is Mr. Mueller is indicting persons who will never be brought to trial, so he can claim a victory, without the embarrassment of presenting a week case in court.

A historical note: The largest influence on US Law is ENGLISH Common Law.

Why was it ok for the Obama oracle to pontificate on Brexit and not everyone else to ponder their opinions on the USA electoral extravaganza. Left rants ok right verbiage to be silenced. Just follow the Moggs public speaking events from here on because they know he is their nemises. Great entertainment coming our way.

David, the operative point you are missing or avoiding is that the Rooskies did more than express opinions. They carried out psyops to influence the 2016 election. The operations broke a significant number of our laws. You'll have to forgive our concerns.

It's already a settled matter that Mr. Steele's dossier was not the basis for the Mueller investigation. In fact, that was admitted in the Republicans' own "Nunes memo".

The indictment was not unusual in that foreign agents are often indicted after leaving the country. Their pictures and files are sent around to make it harder for them to operate in our or our allies' countries, so don't be an ingrate. This indictment also serves as background for further indictments to come. Stay tuned.

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