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Monday, 26 February 2018


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The anti-Brexit party Renew has just formed, though for now it's barely a blip on the political radar. And the great conservative/right bete noire George Soros has made a substantial contribution to the Best of Britain campaign group, which does seem to be gaining some momentum. And both major parties are divided on the issue. And what's going on in negotiations is anyone's guess, particularly Mrs. May's. From over here it all looks quite messy.

The pending Italian election may have an impact on Brexit talks as well. Apparently the Italian people are at boiling point over run amuck Africans in their country, especially north east Italy. The rest of Europe might keep a close eye because they may be next. PC virtue signaling comes with a price.

Groucho Marx — 'Those are my principles, and if you don't like them...well I have others.'

Well said, Groucho, er, sorry, I mean Uncle Mort, spot on!

Well, it looks as if the Blairites have won. Who will those provincial "deplorables" in decaying northern working class towns vote for, now UKIP have gone? The next election will probably be the first one in which half of the MPs on both sides actually prefer the European policies of the other party!

You're welcome David.

Hang on in there, 'W', there's a lot more blood yet to pass under the bridge!

Thank you, JK, I will never look on 'Winnie' in quite the same way again!

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