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Friday, 09 February 2018


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Yer back and alive!

How does having a water-wheel jut through the roof warrant "eccentric" David?

Do you mean that you DON'T have a water wheel in your house? Quel eccentrique!

I reckon David you'll be filing now for the open Duff Arkansas' seat?

Somehow it's comforting to know a vacation doesn't make you any less grumpy.

Hmmm, I'll bet there was one noticable difference between Somerset and deepest, darkest Manchester....

Julia, with impeccable accuracy and considerable discretion, you hit the spot - again!

JK, "stolen chickens"!!!! My Gaaaard, Arkansas is sliding towards Chicagoan levels if criminality!

One of the often unmentioned benefits of our previously large MOD was that they/it acquired mile after mile of coast and saved it from the cancerous rows of bungalows, holiday shacks (now tarted up and worth a fortune), caravans, "mobile" homes (immobile), and all the rest as well as thousands of acres of inland nice countryside saved from creeping urbanisation and the do-gooding improvers.

Good point, WJ, er, so long as you didn't mind the occasional tank shell whistling overhead!

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